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Our gender swap online tool is a cool male to female photo changer & vice versa. 

If you are looking for a free gender swap app that you can use from your browser, you are for sure in the right place. Transform your photos into something truly extraordinary with MockoFun’s gender change filter. As you can see prom the preview images, we have one of the best male to female photo changer online free.


Gender Swap

Ever wondered what would you look like as a girl? 

Many people ask themselves questions like:

  • “What would you look like as a woman?” or 
  • “What would you look like as a man”?

It’s a question that sparks curiosity and imagination in all of us. In this article, we’re diving into the fun of imagining ourselves in a different gender’s shoes. It’s just a genuine exploration of what it might be like to see ourselves through a new perspective. Get ready to smile and discover a new side of your personality.

AI Gender Swap

The AI gender change app from MockoFun is a face swap online tool that you can use for free. 

With MockoFun’s AI gender swap online tool, you have 10 AI generations per month to play with. This is an average amount of AI generations; most of the tools offers the same number for free. 

What Would I Look Like As The Opposite Gender?

Gender Swap

Media and entertainment often portray gender transformation in a more sensationalized or humorous way, with a focus on men transforming into women. This portrayal can influence people’s perceptions and curiosity about gender transformation.

The fashion & beauty industries often emphasize femininity and women’s appearance, leading to increased interest in how one might look as a woman. Trends such as makeup tutorials, hairstyle transformations, and fashion makeovers may contribute to this face morph curiosity.

[TUTORIAL] How To Use The Gender Swap Generator Online

Gender Swap AI

I personally wondered what would I look like as the opposite gender in terms of looks and behavior. I am now a girl but I think I would be a really handsome man. 

For a male to female transformation, you can use also our AI hairstyle changer tool which allows you to replace your hair style and color.

So, let’s find out together how you can make the switch online.

Use our free face swap online tool

Step 1. Upload The Face Image

Upload Image or Take a Snapshot of the face you want to use for the AI gender swapping. 

Use your face, the face of your friend or a celebrity face. 

For the body image I used an AI generated image of Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen.

Elsa AI Image

Step 3. Use the Gender Changer & Download

Click on the ‘Swap Face’ button and wait for the gender swap filter online to work its magic. 

⌛ It usually takes a few seconds to see the full body gender swap.

Step 4. Download The Result

Preview & Download the gender swap photo online free. It’s that easy!

Man Image

Step 2. Choose Body Photo

Pick a photo from our face mixer preset images or upload your own image to use the gender swap filter. 

Our AI gender swapper online free has lots of body images like beautiful men and women images, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, movie characters like Superman, Aquaman, Barbie, Elsa, etc. We have both male and female images to choose from. People usually use the body of a celebrity, a movie character, a superhero, etc.

TIP: Use the AI image generator from text to create any character for the body image. 

Gender Swapping

Gender Swap Statistics

Analysis of Google search trends showed a significant increase in searches for “gender swap apps” during weekends & holidays, suggesting that people often use them for entertainment during leisure time. 

Besides the fun part, experimenting with gender swap filters can lead to increased empathy and understanding of gender identity issues among users.

The AI head swap provides realistic looking results in just a few seconds. 



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