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Whether you’re an AI tattoo artist or simply a fan, give our AI tattoo creator a try and prepare to be impressed by the outstanding quality of our designs.

The AI tattoo art generator from MockoFun offers a variety of cool features, effects, and styles to suit every taste.

As you can see, the AI tattoo design has remarkable realism, which appeals to numerous artists seeking to save both time and money. 


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Use the power of advanced AI algorithms to create tattoos online

Add Fake Tattoos to Pictures

AI Add Tattoo on Photo 💪

Do you want to put a fake tattoo on your picture? Follow these steps to add tattoo to photo in MockoFun: 
  1. Upload your photo in MockoFun.
  2. Go to the AI Assistant from the top menu 
  3. Choose the Generative Fill (Inpaint) tool.
  4. Select the area where you want to add the skin art. 
  5. Write a short prompt like “old school tattoo design”. 


MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Portrait (3:4), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 2480804407 T-shirt illustration featuring an intricately detailed medieval Excalibur sword with angel wings, focus on skull head adorned with roses, and flames, utilizing a color palette of vivid red, orange, and bright blue, central isometric positioning, logo and tattoo design influences, set against a white background, with bold, defined lines, creative fantasy art, highly detailed, 4k resolution, digital painting, vector style.  

How to Add a Tattoo to a Photo Online

AI Tattoo on Body

We have one of the best AI tattoo generator that you can try for free! Below you have cool AI generated tattoo examples. 

Looking for AI generated tattoo free? You are in the right place. There are lots of tattoo artists using AI for their clients.

  1. Text to Image: The MockoFun free AI tattoo generator is able to generate images from text prompts. There are so many tattoo ideas available online. The AI tattoo design must contain the subject (girl, tiger, viking, dragon, etc.), the art style (old school, traditional, anime, watercolor, ink, etc.) and other details.
  2. Image to Image: If you need an AI tattoo generator on body (add tattoo on photo), use our Generative Fill AI tool. Select the skin area and add a short description for the artwork.
AI Tattoo Generator

Sleeve tattoos typically refers to large tattoos that covers a significant portion of a person’s arm, usually from the shoulder to the wrist. These are the most popular images generated with artificial intelligence. The AI tattoo sleeve generator delivers photo realistic results. 

Tattoo Prompts

The AI tattoo maker serves as a powerful tool for both professional tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. BlackInk AI for example, is another AI tattoo designer that creates stunning and original flash tattoo designs in just seconds. Artguru AI tattoo generator is yet another alternative to MockoFun

You can find lots of Midjourney tattoo prompts that you can try in MockoFun. Our tool uses the SDXL model but can also run other models like Playground AI.

Popular AI generated tattoos include themes like mythological creatures, Anime characters, wild animals, fantasy scenes and so on. 

Star Wars Tattoos

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 3275585464 Black and white tattoo design featuring Luke Skywalker from Star Wars at a 3/4 profile adorned with a bouquet of Peony, pansy, orchid, lotus, Peruvian lily, and Sunflower, composition following the golden ratio, infused with elements of Makoto Shinkai, Studio Ghibli, Genshin Impact, James Gilleard, Greg Rutkowski, and Chiho Aoshima’s styles

Dragon Tattoos

To use the AI tattoo generator from text you need to write art prompts. 

For example, if you want to make an AI generated dragon tattoo, use prompts that include words like: Japanese dragon tattoo, dragon tattoo design, Chinese dragon tattoo, scales, wings, fire-breathing, serpentine, claws, fangs, horns, tail, mythical, legendary, ancient, ferocious, majestic, guardian, treasure, Eastern dragon, Western dragon, Wyvern, Drakkar, Elemental dragon, etc.

Dragon Tattoo Design

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 2333384750 dragon and cherry tree flowers tattoo design, high contrast, subtle tones of cyan 

Prompt: 2333384750 dragon and cherry tree flowers tattoo design 

Prompt: 1611857733 Realistic tattoo inked on an upper arm featuring a dragon and cherry tree flowers rendered in inked ink, illuminating against the skin, further enhanced with biking and shadows, digital painting, black and grey, hyper-detailed, high contrast, warm colors, etching style, mythical aesthetic

Viking Tattoos

Here are some examples of AI generated Viking tattoo designs with intricate details and high contrast.  

Use Viking related words like: Norse, Odin, Thor, Valkyrie, runes, longship, beard, helmet, axe, shield, horns, raven, Berserker, knotwork, dragon, wolf, Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Helm of Awe, Yggdrasil (the World Tree), Fenrir (the wolf).

Viking Tattoo

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 926750887 viking tattoo sketch on upper arm, intricate details, high contrast 

AI Tattoo Design

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 781560888 edgy tattoo design featuring a fierce Thor Odin Fry monster in a neo-traditional style with bold linework and vibrant colors on a white background

Tattoo Styles List

To design a tattoo online free in MockoFun, simply provide a text prompt along with your preferred art style.

Tattoo styles are as diverse as the people who wear them. Each style has its unique characteristics and design.  Here are some of the most popular tattoo styles:

AI Tattoo Generator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 2492539142 Anime tattoo design 

  • Traditional (Old School): This style features bold lines, vivid colors, and iconic imagery like anchors, roses, and swallows. It originated in the early 20th century and is characterized by its timeless look.
  • Realism: Realistic tattoos aim to replicate photographs or real-life scenes with incredible detail. Artists use shading and color blending techniques to create lifelike portraits, animals, or scenery.
  • Neo-Traditional: Building on the foundation of traditional tattoos, neo-traditional style incorporates more intricate details, varied color palettes, and modern subject matter while maintaining the bold lines and illustrative quality.
  • Japanese (Irezumi): Rooted in centuries-old traditions, Japanese tattoos often depict mythical creatures, folklore, and symbolic motifs like koi fish, dragons, and cherry blossoms. They are known for their intricate designs and use of vibrant colors.
AI Tattoo Generator
  • Anime: Anime tattoos typically reflect the vibrant, dynamic aesthetic of Japanese animation and manga, featuring bold lines, vivid colors, and exaggerated expressions reminiscent of the medium’s iconic art style. These tattoos often depict intricate portraits of beloved characters, memorable action scenes, or symbolic imagery from popular anime series and films. 
  • Blackwork: As the name suggests, blackwork tattoos primarily use black ink to create striking designs. They often feature bold patterns, geometric shapes, and intricate linework.
  • Dotwork: Dotwork tattoos are created entirely or primarily using tiny dots to form intricate patterns, shading, and images. This style can result in visually stunning pieces with a unique texture.
  • Sticker: Sticker tattoos style is designed to resemble real stickers. These designs aim to replicate the appearance of actual adhesive decals applied to the skin. The sticker tattoos often feature highly detailed and realistic depictions of various sticker designs, including brand logos, vintage labels, colorful graphics, and cartoon characters. Artists use techniques such as shading, highlights, and subtle shadowing to create the illusion of depth and texture, making the tattoo appear as if it’s a tangible sticker adhered to the skin. 
AI Tattoo Design
  • Watercolor: Watercolor tattoos mimic the fluidity and vibrancy of watercolor paintings. They often feature abstract designs, splashes of color, and soft edges, giving them a dreamy and ethereal appearance.
  • Tribal: Tribal tattoos draw inspiration from indigenous cultures around the world, featuring bold black lines and geometric patterns. While traditional tribal designs have specific cultural meanings, contemporary tribal tattoos often focus more on aesthetic appeal.
  • New School: This style incorporates exaggerated proportions, vibrant colors, and cartoonish imagery. New school tattoos often feature a playful and whimsical aesthetic, drawing inspiration from graffiti, comic books, and pop culture.
  • Biomechanical: Biomechanical tattoos merge organic and mechanical elements, creating the illusion that the skin is peeled back to reveal a complex system of gears, wires, and machinery underneath. This style is popular among fans of science fiction and cyberpunk.
AI Tattoo Creator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 1713258368 A professional dragon tattoo from Chinese Mythology placed on the entire length of the arm sleeve. high details, a complex art with all the characteristic styles of old school tattooing. fine needle and ultra-thin contour. dotted tones, with small hatches. 

Try the AI tattoo generator and tell us what you think!

AI Tattoo Generator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 289358940 tattoo design on paper

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 3473505719 floral tattoo design on paper

Did you ever wonder how to add a tattoo to a photo?

The most straightforward solution is to use a photo to tattoo generator. Of course, old tools like Photoshop can do the trick. But, the tattoo generator image made with artificial intelligence is cooler!

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