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Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sticker designer, our AI sticker generator is the ultimate tool to bring your sticker design ideas to life, saving you ⌛ time and 💰 money. 

Whether it’s cartoon characters or business logos, our free sticker generator consistently delivers top-notch results!

AI Sticker Generator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Cartoon, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 1089488628 sticker cute Teddy bear, white border outline  –transparent background

Create AI Stickers with MockoFun

AI Generated Stickers

Use the power of advanced AI algorithms to create stickers online

Create Your Own Stickers PNG Pack

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Landscape (4:3), Content Type  Cartoon, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 2916276478 set of 8 different stickers kawaii style featuring cute cactus, cat, book, rabbit, sun, heart, cup of tea, flat light background, intricate details, highly detailed

AI Sticker Generator

AI Created Stickers Online Free

Free AI Sticker Generator

Every month, billions of stickers are exchanged across social media platforms, offering a fun and creative means of communication and self-expression. 

With MockoFun, you can effortlessly create personalized AI stickers for your chats & stories.

MockoFun's AI Sticker Maker

AI-Powered Fun

Use the power of advanced AI algorithms to create stickers online

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Stickers are super versatile & cool. 

You can slap them on anything from your phone case to your skateboard, laptop, water bottle, notebook, and so on. They’re not just for looks – stickers are awesome for showing off your style and interests. 

If you want to make pixel stickers try our new AI pixel art generator

AI Stickers

Difference between PNG Stickers and GIF stickers. 

  • PNG stickers are static images with a transparent background. 
  • GIF stickers are usually animated images that can loop continuously.

The stickers PNG images made with MockoFun AI can be used for web and for print. If you are looking for AI generated stickers without background you are in the right place. The PNG stickers for editing are easy to use and come in different styles and designs. 

The stickers PNG transparent, SVG stickers and the PDF stickers are the best ones for printing.  Use the aesthetic stickers PNG on websites, social media, chat apps and other software. The cute stickers PNG aren’t just for the little ones – they’re a hit with everyone, no matter their age! Here you can design unique stickers with text. We have over 800 free online fonts to play with. 

Try the sticker design AI and combine illustrations with text. Our sticker design maker has all the features you need including animated stickers. 

We have probably the best AI stickers maker available with freemium options. Create AI stickers online like the ones in the preview images. Mix different styles & effects and try different prompts for the best results.

    We All ❤️ Collecting Stickers!

    AI Sticker Maker

    AI Sticker Maker

    Types of Stickers

    Stickers come in a variety of types, ranging from design and style to print material and purpose, offering endless possibilities for personalization and creativity. 

    You can stick them on anything, from your fridge to your bike. Here are 6 types of stickers that you can make in MockoFun.

    • Emoji Stickers: Emoticon stickers are expressive icons representing a wide range of emotions, objects, and symbols. They are commonly used in messaging apps and social media platforms to convey feelings and reactions in a fun and visual way.
    • Character Stickers: Character stickers feature illustrations of cute or recognizable characters from cartoons, movies, or comics. They are popular among children and fans of specific franchises for decorating notebooks, laptops, and personal items.
    • Quote Stickers: Quote stickers feature inspirational quotes, witty sayings, or motivational phrases. They are often used as decorative elements in planners, bullet journals, and scrapbooks to add personality and encouragement to pages. The text stickers have similar designs and purposes.
    • Decorative Stickers: Decorative stickers come in various shapes, patterns, and designs, such as flowers, animals, stars, and geometric shapes. They are versatile and can be used for embellishing gift wrapping, DIY projects, and craft activities.
    • Kawaii Stickers: Kawaii stickers are a popular type of sticker featuring cute and adorable designs inspired by Japanese culture. These stickers often depict charming characters, animals, food items, and everyday objects with exaggerated features, such as large eyes and round faces. Kawaii stickers are beloved by people of all ages for adding a touch of cuteness and whimsy to notebooks, planners, laptops, and personal belongings. 
    • Scrapbook Stickers: Scrapbook stickers are decorative adhesive embellishments used to enhance and personalize scrapbook pages. From whimsical motifs to elegant designs, each sticker adds a touch of personality and charm to your pages, photos, journal entries, and other mementos.. 
    • Travel Stickers: Travel stickers feature landmarks, flags & icons representing different cities, countries, and tourist destinations. They are popular souvenirs for travelers to collect and decorate luggage, travel journals, and photo albums as mementos of their adventures.

    Try the AI stickers and tell us what you think!

    AI Sticker Design

    Create custom stickers for laptop with our AI sticker generator.

    Create AI Stickers with MockoFun

    Logo Stickers Design

    With MockoFun is easy to design personalised sticky labels, adhesive labels, vinyl stickers, wall decals, logo stickers, patches, badges and so on.

    Unlike standard stickers that come in predetermined shapes like squares or circles, custom die-cut stickers allow you to create unique shapes that perfectly fit your artwork or logo.

    These stickers are popular for branding purposes, product labeling, promotional materials, and personal expression. 

    AI Generated Stickers

    Discord Stickers Maker

    The AI sticker design depends on your ability to write prompts. The Midjourney sticker prompts are the most popular. We’re providing you with a selection of AI-generated sticker prompt ideas that are ready to use.

    AI Generated Sticker

    Do you need stickers with text? 

    Use our text editor to add text. Our sticker text generator offers free fonts, gradients, patterns and styles. 

    Do you need animated stickers? 

    Inside the MockoFun tool, go to Elements > Gifs and there you have lots of animated stickers to search for. Create stickers for apps like:

    • Google Slides Stickers: In the section below you have details on how to add stickers in Google Slides.
    • PowerPoint Stickers: Download animated stickers for PPT in GIF format.
    • Instagram Stickers: The AI stickers Instagram is available on Android and iPhone. 
    • WhatsApp Stickers: Try the new AI sticker maker for WhatsApp or use MockoFun. 
    • Discord Stickers: Our AI Discord stickers maker helps you create unique designs with that wow factor. 
    • Facebook Stickers: The new AI stickers messenger feature is available on Meta. The Facebook AI stickers attract more followers to your page.

    Create Animated Stickers in MockoFun

    Animated Stickers

    To add GIFs to your slides, create a new presentation or open an existing presentation. Go to Insert > Image > GIFs and stickers. Click on one or several to insert into Google Slides. On MockoFun we have stickers for Google Slides and other apps like PowerPoint.

    Here are five ideas for animated PowerPoint stickers that would be useful for PPT presentations:

    • Emoticons: Animated emoticons can convey various emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, or surprise, adding a touch of personality and expressiveness to your slides.
    • Arrows and Pointers: Animated arrows and pointers can help draw attention to specific elements or direct the audience’s focus within the presentation, making complex information easier to understand.
    • Progress Indicators: Use animated stickers to create progress bars, countdown timers, or loading animations to indicate the passage of time or the completion of tasks within your presentation.
    • Icons and Symbols: Animated icons and symbols representing common concepts or actions (such as thumbs up, question marks, check mark, cross mark or light bulbs) can enhance visual communication and reinforce key points in your slides.
    • Character Animations: Animated characters or mascots can liven up your presentation and engage the audience. Use them to introduce topics, guide the audience through the content, or provide comic relief to keep the presentation dynamic and entertaining.

    These animated stickers can be a creative and effective way to enhance your PowerPoint presentations, making them more engaging, visually appealing, and memorable for your audience.

    Download: Free Sticker AI Prompts
    🎁 Bonus 20 free AI art generations from MockoFun.

    Try the AI stickers for your projects!

    Create AI Head Stickers!

    Custom Face Stickers

    A face sticker is a type of sticker that features the face or head of a character, celebrity, or iconic figure. 

    The head stickers often depict facial expressions, emotions, or personalities Use them in messaging apps, social media platforms to convey emotions or to add a playful touch to your conversations.

    Custom Face Stickers

    MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

    Prompt: realistic photo cutout Trump face sticker, white border outline  –transparent 

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