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AI Hairstyle Changer

AI Generated Hair

AI Hairstyle Changer

Discover a whole new you with our AI Hairstyle Changer! Experiment with different haircuts, colors, and styles in seconds. 

Whether you’re looking for a fresh appearance or a complete transformation, our advanced technology helps you find the perfect look effortlessly. 

Try the free online hair style changer right now and see yourself in a new light. 

Discover the perfect look for you!

AI Generated Hair

AI Hairstyle Changer

Transform Your Look with MockoFun’s AI Hairstyle Generator in just a few seconds!

Our innovative AI hairstyle changer offers a seamless experience. 

Upload your photo and try out different haircuts & styles,  experiment with various hair colors & textures. 

Are you looking for a subtle look update or a dramatic transformation?  

Hairstyle Wizard

#1 AI Hairstyle Changer

Use the MockoFun’s AI hairstyle changer to creatively transform your look. Experiment with different haircut styles & choose the perfect hair color!

AI Hairstyle Changer

Step 1.
Login in MockoFun

Login in MockoFun to use the hairstyle changer.

Step 2.
Upload Your Photo

Go to Uploads and upload a photo in MockoFun.

Step 3.
Go to AI Assistant

Choose the Hairstyle Changer. Select the hair area. Choose a Hairstyle & a Hair Color.

Step 4.
Download AI Image

Download the AI image result free, no watermark.

The AI hair style changer is incredibly useful for altering your look. It helps you avoid mistakes when coloring your hair, saving you both time and money!

Try also the AI clothes changer for a completely new look. 

We have a powerful AI hairstyle changer online free that anyone that has a MockoFun account can try.  The tool includes lots of virtual hairstyles free, plenty of hair color choices and so on.

If you need a changing hairstyle app for a total look change, you are in the right place. Our hair color changer website offers so many creative ideas. All you have to do is to upload your picture and to select the hair area that you want to replace. 

If you use our photo face changer online free you can completely alter your appearance with 1-click! Become a superhero, a movie character, a princess, a celebrity or anyone you like. 

AI Hairstyle Changer

Cutting your beautiful long hair is always a difficult decision. So, the short hairstyles try on free from MockoFun is a life saver.  It can also be used the other way around to see how you look like with hair extensions

Women love the selfie hairstyles AI tools and the AI makeup tools. Not so long ago Photoshop was the only option to test hair color on photo. Now, the AI app for hairstyles on my face is all I need. 

Make MockoFun your favorite hair changer. I know there is not the only hairstyle changer online but it probably has the most features. 

Here are the features of MockoFun AI hair changer and how you can use them:

  • Try different hairstyles
  • Experiment with various hair colors
  • Preview haircuts before making a decision
  • See how you look with bangs or fringe
  • See how you look with hair extensions
  • Test short, medium, or long hair lengths
  • Explore different hair textures (straight, wavy, curly)
  • Visualize celebrity hairstyles on yourself
  • Mix and match different styles
  • Compare side-by-side before and after looks
  • Share your virtual makeovers on social media

The AI hairstyle generator is the fastest way to elevate your look. Change hair, change clothes, generate fashion and create the perfect photo of you. 

This is the new me! All of these can be done with the AI change hairstyle tool, the AI clothes changer and the AI face swap

#2 AI Hairstyle Changer with Face Swap

AI Headshot Generator

Step 1.
Login in MockoFun

Login in MockoFun to use the hairstyle changer and other features.

Step 2.
Create a Portrait Photo with AI

Go to AI Image Generator and create a profile photo (headshot).

Step 3.
Go to AI Assistant

Choose the Face Swap and replace the headshot face with your face picture from Uploads.

Step 4.
Download AI Image

Download the AI image result free without a watermark. It's easy!

Create a perfect studio photo shoot of a woman/man with the haircut that you want to try. Then, use the face swap to create a perfect avatar photo with your new look. 

If you don’t have the perfect studio photo for your portfolio or resume, the MockoFun’s AI headshot generator is the best solution for creating professional looking photos.


MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: [girl] with [blonde semi short wavy] hairstyle, [brown] eyes, wearing a [white shirt], front view facing [directly to] the camera, [gray] background, high quality, 8k, high details, volumetric lighting cinematic photo <<juggernautxl_1024px>>

Prompt: [man] with [blonde short] hairstyle, [brown] eyes, wearing a [white shirt], front view facing [directly to] the camera, [gray] background, high quality, 8k, high details, volumetric lighting cinematic photo <<juggernautxl_1024px>>

To create your headshot photo you get to choose the color of your hair, the makeup style, the clothes and even the color of the background. And the AI generated hair looks quite natural.

I suggest you use the AI hair generator from text. Looks better and the overall result is so cool! 


Women Hairstyles

In the past, women were more inclined to change their appearance, including their clothes, accessories, makeup, and especially their hair.

Some of the most popular types of hair styles for women include: Bob Cut, Pixie Cut, Long Wavy, Curly Afro, Straight and Sleek, Beach Waves, High Ponytail, Braided Updo, Layered Cut, Undercut, Mohawk, French Twist, Bangs (Fringe), Asymmetrical Cut, Dreadlocks, “Half-Up, Half-Down”, Bun, Faux Hawk, Box Braids, Pompadour.

Use these hair styles in your prompts to describe your new look.

For example you can write something like “gray long wavy hair with blue highlights” and see what you get. With AI you can create all kinds of fancy hairstyles with cool colors like purple, green or rainbow.


Men Hairstyles

If I have a hairstyle to try on my face, I will definitely use MockoFun, and you should too. Here we have haircut simulator female options but men can also use it. 

The haircut simulator male alternative doesn’t include too much options or so I thought! But, you know what, the men hairstyles are so diverse. Here are some examples: Fade, Taper, Afro, Waves, Quiff, Mohawk, Braids, Twists, Undercut, Pompadour, Crew cut, Buzz cut, Comb over, Side part, Caesar cut, Faux hawk, Spiky hair, Long hair, Flat top, Low fade, Mid fade, Skin fade, Razor fade, Curly top, Wavy top, Messy fringe, Crop top, Slick waves, Modern quiff, Choppy fringe, Textured fringe, Long undercut, Shadow fade. See all the men haircuts with pictures.

To use the hairstyle try on men tool, select the hair area and write the name of the haircut.  

Try the AI hairstyle changer and tell us what you think!

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