👩‍🏫 MockoFun Is Free For Teachers

We appreciate the time and effort teachers and educators around the world put in for their students!

To thank you for that, we’ve made MockoFun FREE for teachers! This means you can get a Premium User Subscription to our platform for free.

What is the MockoFun Free For Schools & Teachers Program?

MockoFun is the perfect graphic design tool for teachers. From worksheets to education presentations, posters to classroom decoration kits, MockoFun offers all the tools necessary to improve the learning process.

No matter if you are a teacher or educator in kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high-school or even college or university, you can apply to the MockoFun Free For Teachers program. You will get all the features included in the Premium Users Subscription for FREE!

Free For Teachers

MockoFun Free For Teachers Program Application Process

The MockoFun Free For Teachers Program unlocks the full power of MockoFun.

If you are looking for teacher freebies, teacher giveaways or simply free stuff for teachers, you are in the right place! 

Usually, the subscription for these features costs $9.99/month, but we make it available totally FREE for teachers. Here’s the steps for the application process:

Apply to MockoFun FREE for Teachers Program

    If you don’t already have a MockoFun account you can quickly register for free here then come back to this form

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