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AI Generated Architecture Online [Everything You See Is AI]

AI House Generator
AI House Generator
AI House Generator

AI Architecture Rendering

Sketch to Render AI Tool

Did you ever wonder how to render a sketch? It’s simple, use the AI architecture rendering from MockoFun. There are lots of tools that use the AI for architecture technology. So, try all of these software to see what is the best one for you. Start with MockoFun!

AI Architecture Rendering

We have the best AI rendering architecture free tool. If you need a AI rendering free tool, this is the right app for you. To use the sketch to render AI tool follow these steps: 

  1. Upload your sketch/drawing in MockoFun
  2. Use the AI Filters available in MockoFun premium. Go to the AI Assistant > Guided Photo Transform 
  3. Choose Line art edges and contours from the drop-down list
  4. Write a short prompt description like “modern building” and wait for the ai-generated architecture software to render the image.

The Best AI Architecture Generator

About Our AI Generated Architecture Tool

How to use AI to create architecture? To create AI architecture design online use MockoFun and perfect tailored prompts. If you need an AI 3d building generator, all you have to do is to use the correct text prompt (use words like 3D, render, Blender, model, isometric, etc.).  

AI Architecture Generator

Are you looking for AI generated architecture software online? You are in the right place!

Design futuristic worlds by visualizing sci-fi concepts like advanced technology, futuristic cities, or alien landscapes based on text input.

Our text to image AI free software does a really great job in helping you create AI buildings, AI houses, AI environments, AI interior design, AI floor plans, etc. Combine the AI exterior design generator with the AI landscaping design and create cool looking environments with different styles. Try the AI interior design generator to decorate the rooms inside your house. 

To refine the result use our smart non-destructive filters like Contrast, Sharpen, Vibrance, etc.  Then, use the AI filters & tools (image to image) to apply different styles, to upscale and so on.

AI Building Generator

Free AI Architecture Generator Online

Use the AI architecture generator free to create urban chic houses, minimalist villas, sci-fi buildings, futuristic cities, other creative constructions and environments. MockoFun is such an useful AI tool for architecture design. 

The Midjourney AI architecture design is probably the best but it is also expensive. The SDXL model is much more affordable and the results are quite good. 

AI Architecture Generator

With MockoFun AI architecture generator you can turn your imagination into reality. Mix different styles, shapes, materials and colors to generate buildings with unique design. 

Architects and interior designers are increasingly drawn to AI for architecture design tools due to their potential to accelerate and enhance workflow processes.

Create AI Sci-Fi Buildings | Futuristic Architecture

How to Generate AI Architecture
Online with MockoFun?

Do you need an AI architecture generator from text free? We have one of the best free AI architecture generator tools that are available online. 

AI Architecture Generator

TIP: Use one of the many Midjourney architecture prompts and adapt them for the SDXL model available in MockoFun.

Step 1.
Login in MockoFun

Login in MockoFun to create AI architecture free.

Step 2.
Go to AI Text to Image

Go to Elements > AI Generated Photo

Step 3.
Choose a STYLE

Choose an AI image filter from 100 AI image styles available.

Step 4.
Write Prompt & Generate

Write an AI Architecture Prompt. Click Generate.

Step 5.
Download AI Image

Download the AI generated house free no watermark.

AI Architecture Prompts Generator

How to Write AI Architecture Prompts

Programs such as MidJourney, Stable Diffusion SDXL and DALL-E are able to generate images out of text prompts. In MockoFun we have unique and imaginative prompts that can help you create quality art!

To create a beautiful AI generated landscape design you have to learn how to write art prompts. The quality of your results depends on how you write the AI art prompts.

First you have to write the art subject to make AI generated architecture. Here are some examples: futuristic building, modern villa, fantasy house, mystical castle, etc. Provide extra details, choose the AI style(s) and wait for the result. 

Architecture Prompt Template

To write an architecture prompt use this prompt template.  It works great for AI house design and AI building design. Add your details & characteristics. 

[Characteristics] [Construction Type], with [Specific Elements], [Time of Day] with [Weather Conditions], [Color Palette], [Contrast and Balance], [Quality], [Style], [Artist/Architect Name]. 

Below you have some examples of good and bad text prompts. Try the architecture prompt generator online in MockoFun. 

AI Building Design
AI Generated Architecture

#1 Tropical Dome House Prompt

Prompt: sci-fi style striking visual of a contemporary dome-shaped residence surrounded by tropical foliage. Capture the interplay between the curved glass panels and the organic forms of the landscape. Set your professional camera to manual mode, f/4, ISO 400, and use a fish-eye lens to accentuate the unique geometry. futuristic, technological, alien worlds, space themes, advanced civilizations cinematic photo

#2 Sci-Fi Gaudi House

AI Architecture Generator

Prompt: sci-fi style surreal sci-fi modern house, Gaudi style, curved lines, sci-fi exterior design, realistic . futuristic, technological, alien worlds, space themes, advanced civilizations cinematic photo 

Find more AI architecture prompts here and copy paste the text prompts in MockoFun.

#3 Triangular Forest House

AI Architecture Generator

Prompt: cybernetic style sci-fi style highly detailed image of a futuristic A-frame cabin nestled in a jungle, showcasing its distinctive angular shape and large windows. Capture the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees onto the wooden facade. futuristic, technological, alien worlds, advanced civilizations. futuristic, robotics, cinematic photo

#4 Cute Cartoon Castle

AI Cartoon Castle

Prompt: Cute 3d cartoon castle with flying balloons, candy style 

#5 3D Cartoon House

3D Cartoon House

Prompt: 3D fantasy cottage house, illustration, isometric , cute style

All You See Is AI!

AI Generated Architecture Design

STEP 1 : 

To create an AI generated house in MockoFun, go to Elements > AI Generated Photo and input this prompt:

Prompt: American house, with grass and stairs outside, blue clouds sky, realistic, high details cinematic photo

STEP 2: 

To make the second AI house design, use the AI Filters available in MockoFun premium. Go to the AI Assistant > Smart Photo Edit and choose Barbie Style Filter.

AI Generated Architecture
3D House Cartoon

Isometric House 3D

AI 3D House Cartoon

Create 3D house models with the MockoFun AI. 

Prompt 1: cute 3D cartoon isometric house, flat background, high details 

Prompt 1: cute 3D isometric house, soft colors, soft lights, flat light purple background, high details

Prompt 3: Cute 3D cartoon isometric room, candy style

Isometric House 3D

AI 3D Room Model

Prompt: 325129982 Tiny cute isometric living room in a cutaway box, borderlands game style, soft smooth lighting, soft colors, 100mm lens, 3d blender render, Miki Asai Macro photography, close-up, hyper detailed, trending on Artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed <<sdxl_1024px>>

Prompt: 738100456 isometric style cube cutout of an isometric living room, 3d art, pastel colors, soft lighting, high detail, artstation, concept art, behance, ray tracing. vibrant, beautiful, crisp, detailed, ultra detailed, intricate <<sdxl_1024px>>

AI 3D Room

Prompt: 160460213 cute isometric section of a 3D bedroom model, high details, flat background, trending on Artstation, 8k <<sdxl_1024px>>

Prompt: 759552605 isometric style tiny cute isometric living room. vibrant, beautiful, crisp, detailed, ultra detailed, intricate <<sdxl_1024px>> 

MockoFun AI Architecture Generator

Types of Architecture Styles

AI House
AI House Generator
AI House Generator

There are lots of architecture types that you can use to create AI houses and buildings. Below you have some examples. Choose one or make a mix of styles to create a fusion architecture design.

  • Modern Architecture: Clean lines, open spaces, use of modern materials like glass and steel. Great style to use for AI building design.

  • Minimalist Architecture: Emphasis on simplicity, neutral color palettes, focus on essential elements, simple clean lines, glass walls.

  • Postmodern Architecture: Departure from strict modernism, eclectic elements, historical references.

  • Scandinavian Architecture: Light and airy designs, natural materials, simplicity, functionality.

  • Gothic Architecture: Pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses are distinctive features of Gothic architecture. Tall, narrow structures with large windows, ornate detailing, including gargoyles and sculptures. Commonly found in cathedrals and churches.

  • Transitional Architecture: Blends traditional and contemporary elements for a balanced and timeless look.

  • Industrial Architecture: Exposed materials, open spaces, utilitarian aesthetic.

AI House


  • Colonial Revival Architecture: Inspired by colonial-era architecture, symmetrical facades, classical details. 

  • Cottage Style Architecture: Cozy and quaint designs, pitched roofs, traditional detailing.

  • Futuristic Architecture:  innovative city layouts, unique building structures, sustainable features, new technology, green spaces, and high-tech transportation. Use this style for AI building design, looks awesome!

  • Green Sustainable Architecture: Emphasis on environmentally friendly design, energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials.

AI Building Generator [AI Generated Architecture Examples]

What Can You Create with The AI Architecture Generator?

There are various types of architectural constructions, each designed to serve specific purposes, accommodate different functions, and reflect diverse styles. Here are some common types of buildings that you can easily generate with our AI generated architecture software:

AI Architecture

Residential Construction:

  • Single-Family Homes: Detached houses designed for one family.
  • Apartments/Condos: Multi-unit buildings with separate living spaces for multiple families.

 Commercial Construction:

  • Office Buildings: Designed for professional and business activities.
  • Retail Buildings: Spaces for businesses to sell goods or services.
  • Hotels: Accommodations for short-term stays.
  • Restaurants: Buildings designed for dining and food service. 

Recreational Construction:

  • Stadiums/Arenas: Facilities for sports and entertainment events.
  • Theaters/Cinemas: Buildings for performing arts and film screenings.
  • Parks and Recreation Centers: Outdoor and indoor spaces for leisure activities.

Cultural and Religious Construction:

  • Museums and Art Galleries: Spaces for displaying artworks and artifacts.
  • Churches/Mosques/Synagogues: Places of worship.
  • Temples/Shrines: Sacred spaces in various religious traditions. 

Industrial Construction:

  • Factories: Large buildings for manufacturing and production.
  • Warehouses: Storage facilities for goods and materials.
  • Power Plants: Facilities for generating electrical power.

Institutional Construction:

  • Schools/Universities: Buildings for educational purposes.
  • Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities: Structures for medical treatment.
  • Government Buildings: Houses government offices and institutions.

Infrastructure Construction:

  • Bridges: Structures to span physical obstacles like rivers.
  • Tunnels: Passageways constructed underground or underwater.
  • Airports/Transportation Hubs: Facilities for air and ground transportation.

Resort and Hospitality Construction:

  • Resorts: Facilities designed for relaxation and recreation.
  • Spas: Buildings focused on health and wellness services.

MockoFun AI Architecture Generator

Who Can Use The AI Architecture Generator?

AI Architecture Generator Free

An AI architecture generator tool can be utilized by a variety of professionals and individuals for different purposes. 

Here are several categories of people and scenarios where such an AI building design tool might find application:

Architects and Designers

Architects and designers can use AI architecture generators to quickly explore design possibilities, streamline the conceptual phase, and gather inspiration for various projects. 

The AI house generator and the AI building generator can assist in generating unique and innovative design solutions.

Creatives and Artists

Artists and creative professionals can use AI-generated designs as a starting point for creating conceptual artworks, pushing the boundaries of architectural expression. They can transform AI-generated buildings into surreal and abstract artworks. 

Educators and Students

Educators can integrate AI architecture generators into educational programs to teach students about architectural design principles, urban planning, and innovative approaches to construction. 

Architecture students can also use the AI generated architecture software.

Urban Planners

Urban planners can utilize the tool to visualize and experiment with urban layouts, explore zoning options, and design sustainable and efficient cityscapes.

Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers can use AI-generated designs to visualize potential building structures, plan layouts for residential or commercial developments, and explore various architectural styles for their projects.

Environmental and Sustainability Experts

Professionals focused on environmental sustainability can use the tool to design eco-friendly AI buildings, explore renewable energy integration, and develop sustainable urban planning solutions.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Purpose: Innovators and entrepreneurs can leverage AI architecture generators to conceptualize cutting-edge and unique structures or spaces, exploring ideas that push the boundaries of traditional design.

AI Floor Plan Generator

AI Room Planner

AI Floor Plan Generator

Prompt: 2D architectural floor plan drawing for a ultra-compact mini home with one bedroom and one bathroom. Top-down view. Use varying line weights to distinguish walls, partitions, and functional areas. Highlight the compact layout and smart storage solutions. 8k, high details <<sdxl_1024px>>

AI Interior Design

Change the way you decorate rooms. Now, you can use our AI interior design generator to change the look of old rooms. 

It’s easy to change the style of your room, to add furniture and to include color accents.

There are other AI generated architecture tools, but we have one of the best!

AI Interior Design
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