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Use the power of advanced AI algorithms for realistic AI clothing design & AI try on clothes. 

Transform Your Look Effortlessly!

#1 Change Clothes On Existing Photos With AI


Test different outfits and hairstyles with MockoFun! Discover your perfect hair and fashion statement with a simple click. We’ll use the generative AI change clothes tool for this transformation.

AI Clothes Changer Online

Step 1. Upload Your Photo

Upload Image or Take a Snapshot of yourself. Use a full body or a half body photo.

Step 2. Select the Clothes

Select the clothes area where you want the clothes to be replaced with the new outfit.

Step 3. Write a Text Prompt

Write a text prompt describing the new outfit that you want to try.

Step 4. Change the Clothes

Click "Generate" to change the clothes and Download the new generated AI apparel.

  1. Upload Your Photo in MockoFun: To begin the magical transformation, simply upload your favorite photo to the MockoFun AI graphic design tool.
  2. Select the Clothes: Go to the AI Assistant and choose the Generative Fill tool. Select the areas where you want to change the clothes.
  3. Write a Text Prompt: Describe the desired outfit like “denim jacket”, “sleek black suit”, “Boho dress”, “sporty track jacket”, “vintage floral skirt with white T-shirt”, “elegant silk blouse and relaxed linen pants”. Use fashion vocabulary terms like: Casual Outfit, Edgy Clothing Style, Formal Outfit, Bohemian Clothing Style and so on.
  4. Generate Your New Look: Hit the “Generate” button, and MockoFun will integrate your new outfit into the original photo, creating a seamlessly blended image.
AI Clothes Changer

Try the random outfit generator. Simply input a short text prompt like “casual outfit” or just “outfit”

AI Fashion Generator

#2 Create New Fashion Photos Using AI


Use the MockoFun’s AI image generator from text to create AI clothes. Write a text prompt and the AI will generate the outfit for you. Search for Midjourney fashion prompts and use them in MockoFun. The SDXL model will render high quality fashion images. 

AI Fashion Generator

Step 1. Write The AI Fashion Prompt

Use the AI Image Generator tool inside the MockoFun graphic designer.

Step 2. Generate The AI Clothes & Download

Click 'Generate' to create the AI outfit that you envisioned. Download your AI generated outfit.

  1. Use the AI Image Generator: In MockoFun you have the AI Image Generator tool on the left side menu. 
  2. Write a Fashion Prompt:  When generating AI images from text, describe in detail what you want to get. Check out our AI Art Prompt Generator and learn how to write art prompts.  Use outfit styles like: Casual Clothing Style, Formal Clothing Style, Bohemian Clothing Style, Streetwear Clothing Style, Preppy Clothing Style, Urban Style, Edgy Clothing Style, etc.
  3. Choose The Aspect Ratio: For an AI fashion image I usually use the Portrait aspect ratio which is 3:4 in MockoFun AI. This ratio is commonly used for portrait photography and many smartphone cameras default to this aspect ratio for portrait mode photos.
  4. Choose the Content Type: For AI fashion design choose “Photo” as content type. Try the “Generic” type if you wish. You can also use watercolor, cartoon and other fancy styles.
  5. Choose the AI Styles: You can try the Ads Fashion Editorial style for generating outfits. Play with other styles.
  6. Generate The New AI Fashion Image: Hit the “Generate” button, and MockoFun will generate an AI outfit as described.
AI Fashion

Prompt: beautiful supermodel in an elegant blue dress, blonde hair, detailed eyes, detailed lips, colorful glasses, fashion illustration, elegantly dressed woman in Dior, Gucci or Armani, fabrics echoing the high chic of high fashion, digital rendering, chic elegance, detailed, ultra HD, realistic, bright colors, very detailed, 8k, photorealistic concept art, soft natural three-dimensional cinematic light

AI Try On Clothes Online

#3 Add Clothes to Photo Using Clothing Reference


Test different outfits and hairstyles with MockoFun! Discover your perfect hair and fashion statement with a simple click. 

Many online clothing shops now have the try on clothes at home technology brought by artificial intelligence. The Google virtual try on clothes is an example. Amazon also introduced virtual try-on for shoes, sunglasses, etc.

Step 1. Upload Your Photo

Upload Image or Take a Snapshot of yourself. Use a full body or a half body photo.

Step 2. Choose Outfit Photo

Pick from our outfit preset image or upload your own reference to change clothes.

Step 3. Change Clothes & Download

Click 'Change Clothes' for an instant outfit switch. Download your clothes swap AI image.


  1. Upload Your Photo in MockoFun: To begin the magical transformation, simply upload your favorite photo to the MockoFun AI graphic design tool.
  2. Choose Outfit Photo: Pick from our outfit preset image or upload your own reference to change clothes.
  3. Add Clothes to Photo: Click ‘Change Clothes’ for an instant outfit switch. Download your clothes swap AI image.


AI Clothing Generator Free

#4 Turn Fashion Sketches
to Real Photos with AI

Turn your clothing sketches into reality with MockoFun! Now you can convert sketches into elegant fashion designs with AI. 

AI Fashion Design

Step 1. Upload Your Fashion Sketch

Upload your fashion sketch, outfit drawing, etc.

Step 2. Use The AI Assistant

Choose the Guided Photo Transform tool & set the guide method.

Step 3. Write a Text Prompt

Write a text prompt describing the outfit (color, fabric, etc.)

Step 3. Turn Sketch to Photo

Click 'Transform' for an instant sketch render.
Download the result.

  1. Upload Your Fashion Sketch in MockoFun: First you have to upload your fashion drawing in MockoFun. 
  2. Go to the AI Assistant: Click on the image to select it and go to the AI Assistant from the top menu.
  3. Use the Guided Photo Transform Tool: Choose the Guided Photo Transform AI tool.  Set the Line art edges and contours as guide method. Instructions importance over guide is around 7 or 8. 
  4. Write a Text Prompt: Describe what you want to obtain in terms of colors, fabric materials and other details.
  5. Render The AI Fashion Sketch: Hit the “Transform” button, and MockoFun will turn your fashion design sketches into realistic looking photos.
AI Fashion

Put My Face on Another Body

#5 Change Your Look Completely with Face Swap

Try clothes online using the power of artificial intelligence. Our AI fashion online software has all the tools you need to generate outfits. The AI face swap is a another valuable tool I encourage you to try. Use the Generative Fill (AI Inpainting) tool for adding more details.

If you need an AI dress photo editor/wedding dress photo editor or a suit photo editor online, MockoFun is all you need for the best clothing editing. 

Dress Photo Editor

Step 1. Upload Your Face Image

Upload Image or Take a Snapshot of the face you want to use to reface photo online.

Step 2. Choose Body Photo

Pick from our face swaps preset images or upload your own to switch faces.

Step 3. Swap Face & Download

Click 'Swap Face' for an instant face switch. Preview & Download your photo swap.

  1. Upload Your Face Image: First you have to upload a face image. A closeup or a profile photo is the best choice.
  2. Choose Body Photo: Choose a body photo from our gallery or Upload a photo that you like.
  3. Swap Face: Click ‘Swap Face’ for an instant outfit update. Preview & Download the image with your new outfit.

Try Clothes Online with MockoFun

The MockoFun’s AI photo clothes changer online has some features free and lots of 👑 AI premium features including 100 AI generated images/month.

Try the AI clothes changer app for your fashion design projects. Make your own outfit AI free. Get more credits to expand your virtual wardrobe. So, if you are looking for an AI fashion website, this is the right place for you.

An AI shopping assistant offers personalized recommendations and style advice, simplifying your shopping experience.

AI Clothing Generator Online

AI Kids Fashion

The AI kids fashion is so much fun. Kids often adore costumes that let their imaginations soar. The little ones will absolutely love this tool! 

AI Clothes Changer
Kids Pirate Costume

What is your kid's favorite costume?

Superhero costumes like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, or Batman, empower kids to be courageous and heroic. The princesses and fairies costumes allow kids to indulge in fantasies of royalty and magic.

Pirate costumes inspire adventurous tales of treasure hunts and high-sea escapades. Animal costumes let kids become a fluffy bunny, a fierce lion, or a graceful unicorn. Space-themed costumes ignite dreams of exploring the cosmos and discovering new worlds.

MockoFun is not just for fun, it’s also an outfit generator for school. It can give you lots of useful outfits for every occassion.

Outfit Generator Your Own Clothes

AI Costume Generator Online

The costume generator AI tool is so versatile. You can combine different tools like AI Fashion generator and Face swap to obtain exactly what you want. The best character outfit generator is right here.

Halloween Costume Generator

If you write the prompt “Halloween costume”, the random Halloween costume generator will produce an ensemble suitable for the theme. The Halloween costume generator will try to create an outfit based on the text prompt you provide. So, give it details like colors, fabric, accessories, etc.

For the preview image I added animated Gifs from MockoFun’s Elements gallery.

Dress Changer Photo Editor

Experiment With Fashion

Dress Changer Photo Editor

The MockoFun dress changer photo editor is a software app that helps you manipulate the appearance of garments such as dresses, shirts, skirts, and more, directly within the photo. 

Features: try on different clothing styles, colors, patterns & accessories to see how you look. Personalize your photos according to your own preferences and style.

Edit Photos Online

Change Shirt in Photo Online Free

Shirts are typically the focal point of an outfit, influencing the overall style and appearance significantly. Change shirt in photo online and customize your images for social media, profile pictures, etc. Choose your own design and make the switch.

Change Shirt in Photo Online

The AI clothing design lets you experiment by mixing styles, colors, fabrics and accessories. The AI photo clothes changer serves as a valuable tool for both shoppers and professional designers alike.

The change outfit AI tool is fantastic for individuals of all ages and genders, delivering high-quality, realistic reproductions of every style.  

Clothes Color Changer Online

Change Color of Clothes in Picture

If you want to replace the color of your clothes use MockoFun. Choose the right tool for replacing the color of your shirt, dress, pants, jacket, etc.

AI Fashion


  • T-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Tank tops
  • Crop tops


  • Leggings
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Skirts


  • Maxi dresses
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Sundresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Shift dresses
AI Shoes


  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Cardigans
  • Ponchos
AI Hat
AI Dress


  • Flats
  • High Heels
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
AI Handbag


  • Handbags
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Jewelry 

Is The AI Clothes Changer The Tool for You?

An AI fashion design tool is useful for lots of people. Here are some categories of individuals for whom an AI clothes changer online free is a must have:

  • Fashion Designers: The AI fashion generator can assist designers in generating and refining design concepts, exploring new styles, and streamlining the design process.
  • Retailers: Retailers can use an AI fashion generator to create virtual prototypes of clothing items, visualize product variations, and improve inventory management.
  • Personal Stylists: The AI clothes changer online can provide personalized style recommendations based on individual preferences, body type, and fashion trends.
  • Fashion Bloggers & Influencers: These fashion industry people can use an AI fashion generator to create visually appealing content, such as outfit inspiration posts and fashion mood boards.
  • Consumers: Shoppers can use an AI clothes changer online to experiment with different styles, virtually try on clothing items before actually buying.

5 Reasons To Change Clothes On Photos With AI

An AI fashion design tool is useful for various purposes. Here are some cases where an AI clothes changer online is a must have:

  • Effortless Wardrobe Updates: With MockoFun AI, you can easily experiment with different outfits and styles without the need to physically try them on.
  • Seamless Integration: MockoFun seamlessly integrates your chosen clothing items into your photos, ensuring a realistic and natural look.
  • Time-saving Solution: Say goodbye to lengthy shopping trips and endless hours spent trying on clothes. MockoFun allows you to visualize your outfit choices instantly, saving you valuable time.
  • Endless Variety: With access to a vast selection of clothing items from online shops, MockoFun offers endless possibilities for creating unique and stylish looks.
  • Confidence Boost: Trying out new outfits in a virtual environment can help boost your confidence and inspire you to experiment with your personal style in real life.
AI Clothes Changer

The AI fashion generator will for sure revolutionize the fashion industry by boosting creativity, efficiency and personalization in fashion design, retail & styling. The AI dress up generator is great if you want to change your look rapidly.

How To Change Clothes Online?

Create your own custom AI wardrobe in just a few minutes. The virtual try on AI tool saves you the hassle of going to physical stores and trying on clothes in person. The AI clothing generator free from MockoFun does that for you. 

AI Clothes Changer

We have all kinds of cool options related to fashion. For example, our AI t-shirt design is really awesome. 

Whether you are you looking for a man suit photo editor, a dress changer online or any other change clothes photo editor online free, MockoFun is what you need and more.  

We have presented you four interesting methods on how to edit clothes on a picture. The AI outfit generator will instantly change your appearance. It’s great for profile pictures, avatars, gaming, social media posts, ads,  presentation materials like flyers and posters, etc.

Try the AI change clothes and tell us what you think!

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