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The MockoFun AI Character Generator enables you to create for free a wide variety of characters, both human and non-human, using diverse art styles and photo effects.

From photorealistic images of real people to fantasy characters and mythical creatures, you can create it all.

AI Character Creator

How to Create AI Characters Online with MockoFun?

Do you need an AI character generator from text free? We have one of the best free AI image generator tools that are available online. 

Step 1.
Login in MockoFun

Login in MockoFun to create AI characters from text.

Step 2.
Go to AI Text to Image

Go to Elements > AI Generated Photo

Step 3.
Choose a STYLE

Choose an AI image filter from 100 styles available.

Step 4.
Write Prompt & Generate

Write a text prompt. Click Generate button.

Step 5.
Download AI Image

Download the AI image result free without a watermark.

AI Character Generator

AI Fantasy Portrait Generator

AI Fantasy Portrait Generator

You can now create a fantasy character design in just a few seconds.  Use our AI fantasy portrait generator and create awesome fantasy characters like these.  

The AI animal generator allows you to create realistic animals or fantasy creatures. Whether you’re looking for an AI creature generator or an AI monster generator, this tool has you covered.

Unleash your imagination with the AI fantasy character generator!

#1 AI Human Characters

Create all kinds of AI generated character in MockoFun. Simply write the person’s profession and other details and characteristics. Something like “young nurse” or “handsome business man” is fine. 

AI Character Generator

There are lots of human characters that you can generate in MockoFun. Below you have a list of human characters based on their profession.  

  • Business Professional – A character dressed in formal business attire, ideal for corporate settings.
  • Casual Everyday – A character in casual clothing, suitable for informal or everyday scenarios.
  • Athlete – A character in sportswear, perfect for representing fitness or sports themes.
  • Artist – A creative character, often depicted with artistic tools or attire, like a painter or musician.
  • Scientist – A character in a lab coat or scientific attire, suitable for educational or scientific contexts.
  • Healthcare Professional – A character dressed as a doctor, nurse, or medical worker.
  • Student – A character in casual or school attire, representing a learner or academic setting.
  • Traveler/Adventurer – A character in outdoor or travel gear, ideal for adventure or travel themes.
  • Historical Figure – A character in period clothing, suitable for historical or themed contexts.
  • Celebrity – A person that is well know by the vast majority of people like a singer or an actor.
  • Fantasy Hero – A character in fantasy-themed clothing, such as a knight, wizard, or elf.
  • Other Profession – Character with distinctive clothing associated with his/her profession: chef, flight attendant, police officer, astronaut, firefighter, soldier, carpenter, farmer, gardener, etc.

AI Human Generator

AI Character Portrait Generator

You can create all kinds of AI generated portraits with MockoFun. To obtain the photo that you have envisioned in your mind with a high quality, you have to follow these steps: 

  1. Provide a detailed text Prompt describing your character. Include the gender, age, hair color and style, eye color, body type, profession, clothing attire, attitude, and any other relevant details. Specify if you want a portrait, half-body shot, or full-body image.
  2. Choose the Content Type (Photo for realistic shots and Digital Art for fantasy images). 
  3. Optional, pick a Style (Watercolor, Anime, 3D Model, Futuristic and so on). 
AI Portrait
AI Girl
AI Man
AI Woman
AI Portrait Generator

The Best AI Portrait Generator

Users usually search for Midjourney prompts for characters that they can copy paste in MockoFun and other AI tools like Leonardo AI or Dall·e 3Midjourney characters usually have high quality, great details and perfect lighting. 

Words that are used in Midjourney portrait prompts involve lighting, photo quality, level of detail:

  • Cinematic photo, photography, 
  • Portrait, close-up, headshot, medium-shot portrait, full body shot
  • Beautiful light, natural light, low light, hard rim lighting, volumetric lighting, depth of field, shallow depth of field, cinematic light, dreamlike, Bokeh, 
  • Sharp, high contrast, crisp focus, sharp focus, high definition, HDR
  • Super detailed, highly detailed, ultradetailed, fine details, insanely detailed and intricate
  • Hyper-realistic, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, beautiful, exotic, revealing, appealing, attractive, amative, 
  • Award-winning photography, masterpiece, trending on Artstation, trending on Flickr, National Geographic, studio photography, studio photo, HD Quality, 8k resolution
Additionally, you can include details about the camera settings in your portrait prompts:
  • Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Hasselblad
  • 50mm, f2.8, for a classic portrait look with a shallow depth of field85mm, f1.8, for a flattering compression of facial features and a blurred background
  • 35mm, f1.4, for a more candid and natural portrait with a wider field of view
  • 105mm, f2.8, for a sharp and detailed headshot with a shallow depth of field
  • 24mm, f1.8, for a dynamic and creative portrait with a wide aperture and a low focal length
  • 135mm, f2.8, for a dramatic and isolated portrait with a long focal length and a shallow depth of field
  • 50mm, f8, for a traditional and sharp portrait with a deep depth of field
  • 70mm, f2, flattering and visually appealing portrait photographs with beautifully blurred Bokeh background

AI Photography Inspired by

Famous Photographers

AI can generate new images that capture the essence of famous photographers’ stylesIt does this by learning from a large collection of their photos, recognizing distinctive features like composition, lighting, and colors. 

Below you have a list of famous photographers. All you have to do is to write the text prompt followed by the name of the photographer. For example “girl by Annie Leibovitz”.

AI Portraits
  • Annie Griffiths
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Annie Sprinkle
  • David Bailey
  • David LaChapelle
  • Diane Arbus
  • Ellen Isaacs
  • Ellen von Unwerth
  • Erwin Olaf
  • Helmut Newton
  • Herb Ritts
  • Irving Penn 
  • Jock Sturges
  • Mario Testino
  • Martin Schoeller
  • Nick Knight
  • Peter Lindbergh
  • Platon Antoniou
  • Rankin
  • Richard Avedon
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
  • Steve McCurry
  • Wolfgang Tillmans
  • Yousuf Karsh
AI Photography

There can be copyright issues with AI generates images in the style of famous photographers. Using an AI to create new works that closely mimic the distinctive style of a photographer can raise legal concerns, especially if the AI-generated images are used commercially or in a way that might infringe on the original photographer’s rights. 

AI Headshot Generator

An AI headshot generator creates realistic portraits of human faces. By inputting parameters such as age, gender, ethnicity, and desired style, the AI generates customized headshots that can be used for various purposes, such as profile pictures and avatars

AI Headshot Generator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 3234052832 portrait of a blonde girl, semi-short hair, front view, half body, white shirt, gray background, studio shot

First create a headshot photo of a person that resembles you. It is important to mimic the same hair style and hair color. Describe also the clothes like shirt, blouse suit, etc. 

Combine AI Portrait Generator with Face Swap Generator to replace the face with your own.

AI Consistent Characters

Let’s talk about how to create consistent characters in Midjourney and other AI portrait generator tools.

AI consistent characters are virtual characters generated by artificial intelligence that maintain a coherent and stable appearance, personality, and behavior across different contexts and scenarios.

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles 3D Cartoon

AI Character Generator

Prompt: 1366624616 Create a half-body image of a teenage boy with tousled dark hair and expressive green eyes, sitting at a cafe table. He’s engrossed in reading a book, wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans. His face shows concentration, with one hand resting on the table and the other holding the book. The cafe background is softly blurred, giving a cozy and inviting atmosphere, high quality, masterpiece .  –neg ” deformities, ugly, deformed fingers”

Prompt: 1366624616 Depict a half-body image of a teenage boy with tousled dark hair and expressive green eyes, taking a big bite of a burger. He is wearing a hoodie and jeans, sitting at an outdoor food court. His expression is one of delight and satisfaction, and the background shows other people enjoying their meals, adding to the lively and fun setting.  –neg ” deformities, ugly, deformed fingers”

Prompt: 1366624616 Illustrate a half-body image of a teenage boy with tousled dark hair and expressive green eyes, happy with headphones on. He is wearing a t-shirt and a jacket, holding his phone in one hand. The background is busy school corridors. –neg ”  deformities, ugly, deformed fingers”

These consistent AI characters are designed to have identical features and traits, ensuring they look and act the same way in various applications or interactions. This consistency is crucial for creating believable and engaging characters in games, simulations, comic books, virtual reality, and other digital media. 

Including a seed number in your prompts can be an effective method for creating consistent AI characters in any pose. This allows you to guide the AI in producing variations of a character while maintaining similar features and styles. Another method is to give your character a name to identify it. 

AI Superhero Generator

AI Text to Image Free

AI Superhero Generator

Create your own superhero online free!

Describe how the superhero should look like and it will appear on the screen, in cool costumes and striking poses. 

AI Character Prompts

AI Character Creator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Portrait (3:4) or Landscape (4:3), Content Type Photo or Digital Art, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 1108534932 Create a regal Ice Queen character with a crown made of icicles and a flowing gown that shimmers like frost. Her skin is pale and her eyes glint like frozen lakes. She stands in a snowy, crystalline palace with frosty breath, exuding an aura of cold power and elegance. ultra hd, realistic, highly detailed, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed, trending on artstation, 8k artistic photography, high contrast, high clarity, photorealistic concept art

The AI character creator has lots of cool features that you can use. The AI character portrait generator is a powerful tool for making all kinds of people. 

The AI figure generator depends not only on the model that you use but also buy the art prompt that you provide. A realistic AI person generator takes into account all kinds of settings like features, light, mood, ambiance, style. 

Character Design Prompts
Character Design Prompts

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1) or Landscape (4:3), Content Type Photo or Digital Art, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 2662889110 Beautiful anime adventurer girl wearing gold jewelry in the streets of a city in the Western Sahara, intricate detail, trending on artstation, 8k, fluid motion, stunning shading cinematic photo

You can create a portrait or a close-up of a person. If you look for an AI full body generator, you need to mention words like “full body” or details like “shoes or pants” in your prompts. For the AI person generator full-body to work, don’t mention words like “portrait or close-up”.

The AI generated person photo can be hyper-realistic or more like a painting depending on what style you choose.  Create your own AI character prompts or ask the AI to provide cool ideas for you. 

AI Portrait Generator

AI Character Generator

AI Portrait Generator

Try our AI portrait generator from text!

Create beautiful portraits by specifying details such as hairstyle and color, facial features, eye color, clothing style, and more. The free AI portrait generator can replace the need for both a model and a professional photographer.

The AI character generator from text is such an incredibly powerful tool!

AI Character Design

AI Anime Character Generator

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and has become popular worldwide. In MockoFun choose the anime style to create this Japanese cartoon style. 

Our AI anime character generator creates stunning results. Combine the free anime AI image generator with the cartoon style or the fantasy art style

AI Anime Prompt Generator
Anime Prompts

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1) or Landscape (4:3), Content Type Photo or Digital Art, Effects & Styles Anime (Optional)

Prompt: Anime artwork Abstract style anime art of a magical girl, 8k, stunning intricate details, by artgerm . anime style, key visual, vibrant, studio anime, highly detailed 

In MockoFun you can mix up to three AI image styles. The AI cartoon generator from text is really popular among our users. Anime AI characters are popular not only in Japan but all around the world. So, if you are one of the fans, try the AI anime character generator.

Create Anime, Manga, Mecha, Kawaii, Isekai, etc. images with the theme of your choice. Pick a style that you like, for example Chibi style or Kawaii style. You can also mention in your text prompt “Studio Ghibli” which is a famous Japanese animation studio known for producing critically acclaimed anime films.

Character Design Generator

#2 AI Non-Human Characters

AI Character Generator
  • Alien – Extraterrestrial beings with diverse appearances, ranging from humanoid to completely otherworldly forms.
  • Robot – Mechanical or futuristic characters, ranging from humanoid androids to industrial machines.
  • Cyborg – Characters that are part human, part machine, often featuring mechanical limbs or cybernetic enhancements.
  • Fantasy Creature – Mythical beings like dragons, unicorns, or griffins, often with magical attributes.
  • Ghost/Spirit – Ethereal beings with a translucent or spectral appearance, often depicted as haunting figures.
  • Angel – Angels are wholly spiritual beings with big wings
  • Fairy – Small, magical beings with wings, often depicted as delicate and enchanting.
  • Mermaid/Merman – Half-human, half-fish beings that inhabit underwater realms.
  • Demon – Supernatural beings often associated with evil or dark powers, with a variety of fearsome appearances.
  • Monster – Various types of creatures, from grotesque and terrifying to quirky and comical.
  • Centaur – A creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Centaurs were known for their wild and unruly behavior.
  • Minotaur – A creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull. 
  • Werewolf – A creature that can transform between human and wolf forms. 
  • Sphinx – A creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human.
  • Anthropomorphic Animal – Animal with human characteristics, such as talking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes.

When crafting an AI art prompt for a fantasy character, consider including details such as physical appearance (hair color and style, eye color, facial features, body type), clothing and armor (style, materials, details), accessories (jewelry, weapons), and emotional expression and pose (e.g. “Fierce standing confidently, ready for battle”)setting and background (location, elements, atmosphere), art style (realistic, abstract, influences), lighting (type, source), camera parameters (lens and focal length, aperture, focus),  to create a vivid and comprehensive description.

AI Fantasy Character Generator

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1) or Portrait (3:4), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: 283939900 Create a highly detailed half body portrait of a fantasy elf warrior. She has long silver hair braided with delicate emerald beads, piercing green eyes, and pointed ears adorned with intricate silver earrings. Her armor is sleek and ornate, made of dark leather with silver accents, featuring engraved runes that faintly glow. She stands in a mystical forest, surrounded by ancient trees and ethereal light. The background is filled with soft, magical hues and floating particles. Use a cinematic style with dramatic lighting to highlight her fierce yet serene expression. Camera settings: 50mm lens, f/2.8, shallow depth of field to blur the background and focus sharply on her face and armor details. 

AI Anthropomorphic Animals Generator

Anthropomorphic animals are animals with human characteristics, such as talking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes. Below you have a prompt example for creating an AI anthropomorphic animal.

Envision an anthropomorphic fox, anthropomorphic dog, anthropomorphic cat, anthropomorphic bear, anthropomorphic lion and so on. 

AI Art Prompts
AI Creature

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1) or Landscape (4:3), Content Type Digital Art, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: Cute lady fox in dress and crown dressed in gown in cinematic environment, intricate details, masterpiece, fantasy

AI Creature Generator

In the fantasy world you can encounter lots of characters, animals, creatures and monsters. With the creature prompt generator you can envision all kinds of fantasy characters.  

AI Creature
AI Creature
AI Creature
AI Creature
AI Monster

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Digital Art, Effects & Styles None

Prompt: A fantasy flying wolf creature with fur that shimmers like the night sky, reflecting the brilliance of distant stars. Possessing ethereal, semi-transparent wings, it soars effortlessly through the celestial realm. Its eyes, aglow with a luminescent intensity, convey both intelligence and an otherworldly charm. 

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Square (1:1), Content Type Cartoon, Effects & Styles 3D Cartoon

Prompt: 266936412 a cartoon illustration of a cute chibi girl(Looks younger), laugh, competition, the color of the clothes is a different color not used in this picture, cyan background

With AI you can generate your favorite cartoon characters like Simba from “The Lion King”, Woody from “Toy Story”, Shrek from “Shrek”, Elsa from “Frozen”, Nemo from “Finding Nemo”.

AI Character Maker

AI Cartoon Character Generator

You can generate cartoons with styles inspired by different cartoon studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, etc. 

The timeless classics The Lion King, Toy Story, Shrek, Frozen, and Finding Nemo have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. 

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Portrait (3:4), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles 3D Cartoon

Prompt: a cute cat cub dressed as superman, furry, chibi version, in superhero pose, photorealistic, 8k, high definition, haze, ultra-detailed, film photography, light leaks, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed

AI Character Generator

AI Pokemon Character Generator

The AI character generator is such a versatile tool. 

For example, if you are looking for a free AI Pokemon generator, then the MockoFun AI tool does a great job making a “text to Pokemon” character called Fakemon.

We have lots of AI art prompts to inspire you in creating cool looking Fakemons.


MockoFun's AI Art Styles List

AI Character Generator

To create a character in a certain style and with a certain aestethics choose from this list. 

MockoFun Settings: Aspect Ratio Portrait (3:4), Content Type Photo, Effects & Styles 3D Cartoon / Watercolor / Pop Art / Coloring Book / etc.

Prompt: 1683511329 photo of a Cute Raccoon chef 

  • Realistic Photo – Highly detailed and lifelike depiction, aiming for photo-realism.
  • 3D Render – Three-dimensional, computer-generated imagery with depth and realistic lighting.
  • Anime – Japanese animation style with distinct features such as large eyes, exaggerated expressions, and vibrant colors.
  • Cartoon – Simplified and exaggerated features, often colorful and playful.
  • 3D Cartoon – Exaggerated features, often cute, colorful and playful with a 3D look.
  • Watercolor – Soft, flowing colors with a painterly effect, resembling traditional watercolor paintings.
  • Pixel Art – Retro, pixelated style often used in video games, with a grid-like appearance. Check out our AI pixel art generator for more details. 
  • Vector Art – Clean, sharp lines and shapes created using vector graphics software, often flat and scalable.
  • Comic Book – Bold lines, vibrant colors, and dramatic shading, resembling traditional comic book art.
  • Sketch – Hand-drawn style with pencil or ink lines, often with shading and texture.

Try the AI character generator and tell us what you think!


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