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Name tag with photo that you can edit online with  MockoFun’s name tag maker.

The name tag template is easy to customize. Download the name tag PDF for printing. The name tag size is:

  • Name tag size in inches: 3.5×2.25″ 
  • Name tag size in cm: 8.89×5.71 cm

Use this template

Name Tag with Photo

Name tag that you can edit online with the MockoFun name tag maker. Create name badges in just a few minutes with our free name tag generator. All the elements of the name tags are easy to edit and customize. Make custom name tags online. The ID card is free to edit online. You online have to login to use the identity card template.

You can edit the text, the fonts, the colors and all the other elements. If you are looking for an online software to make employee name tags, look no more. This name tag is free and you can personalize it to your liking.

Name Tag with Photo Online Free

If you are a professor, create a name tag template teacher PDF for your classroom. Photo name tags offer immediate recognition and a personal touch, streamlining identification and fostering connections by combining names with faces.  The name tags with photo enhance security in environments with multiple individuals, ensuring clear identification, and are particularly beneficial in settings like schools or events where quick and accurate recognition is essential.

With MockoFun you can make picture name tags printables in just a few minutes. Add your picture, edit the text, customize the fonts and colors, etc.

Download the name tag with photo template right now!

If you need a more creative name tag design, use textures and patterns for the background. Our name label template contains 3 pages so make sure you check them all.

Creative Name Tag

Do you want to make name labels that are more creative? Page number 3 contains a creative name tag design that is also editable.

The AI image generator is a great addition and is great for making images, patterns and textures. Try the MockoFun AI tool to make an photo avatar for yourself.

Do you want a name tag with a simple design and without photo?

Check out this Hello My Name Is Tag image that you can also edit online with MockoFun. Both designs are free and editable online. We have lots of templates for name tag, name badge and name label. All are easy to customize and personalize.


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