Child Id Card

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🆔  How to get a photo id for a child?

If you need a legal ID, you may get one at your local DMV. If you only need a child id card template free download to use for print, edit this online design.

Child Id card contains basic information like: name, photo, age, address, contact phone, etc.

Use this template

Create a child id card online using this free template. It’s quite easy to make an id card for kids or a photo id for kids. All you have to do is to replace the photo and to change the information.

Child ID cards are very important! A child safety id card contains information about your child that can help save their life.  A child travel id card is useful in the event of an allergy or to help reunite you with your child in case of separation.

Use the printable child id card template free. Make a identification card for child. Give a copy to your child to carry with them on trips and outings, give a copy to your child’s caregiver, and keep a copy for yourself.

With MockoFun you can design an identification card for minors, then download and print it.

Use the child ID card template to make id card for minors. All the elements of this free child id card are in separate layers. So, you can customize the childrens id card to your liking. Use the “EASY COLOR CHANGE” layer to change the color of the card.

If you are looking for child safety id cards free, this is the place to be. To make a kids id card that is more colorful and fun, go to the Elements > Illustrations gallery and choose graphics from there.

So, child Safety ID cards contain personal and medical information that are extremely useful.

Child Safety ID card templates are both, fun looking and functional. The photo id for children can be carried by children, parents, grandparents and care givers on a daily basis, or when traveling.

You don’t need a child id card template word format or child id card template microsoft, you can do the design online for free!

MockoFun is a great ID card maker online with lots of cool features. For example, check out our detective id card maker and make funny ID cards for your kids.

Make ID badges and ID cards online in just a few minutes and with little design skills.

This printable children ID card is great for school, classroom, teacher, parents, children and kids alike.

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