Versus Clipart

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Versus clipart that you can edit online with MockoFun. If you are looking for a vs clipart png use this vs picture.

Edit the versus text, change the font, the text color and the font style. Then, Download the versus PNG with transparency.

By default, the vs clipart comes with two color versions. But, you can make as many designs as you want. All the elements of the vs image png are in separate layers.

You can easily move, rotate, resize, replace or delete any of the elements of this vs logo. A versus logo transparent can be placed on any photo, image, document, website page and so on.

With MockoFun you can easily make a versus overlay. This kind of vs overlay images are great for sports, gaming or other type of battle. Separate the opponents with a vs clipart transparent.

If you are making a poster or a flyer for a competition, use a vs png to add more impact to the scene.

It’s super easy to create any kind of text design online not just a vs transparent.  Edit text online, use layer styles and create your own versus transparent image. Don’t forget to set the Background transparent.

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