Personalized Bookmarks

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Personalized bookmarks that you can edit online with MockoFun.

The template includes 6 bookmark designs. The text and font are editable and also the layout.

The bookmark dimensions are 2 × 6 inches ready for print. The bookmark size in cm is 5.08 × 15.24 cm. You can edit the size of the template from the bottom menu and set the size that you need.

How to Make Personalized Bookmarks

Create your own personalized bookmarks with this online template. The template has 6 pages with 3 different designs. The bookmark design has the graphic elements on white and black color.

You can easily edit the text, the fonts, the colors and so on. If you want you can add extra elements to the design like pictures, illustrations, text quotes, etc.

Make personalized bookmarks for students with MockoFun. If you want to create bookmarks from scratch you can do that quite easily with MockoFun. Make a new template of 2 × 6 inches and add your text and graphics. If you need a double sided bookmark, simply create two pages.

Name Bookmarks

Personalized bookmarks with name like these ones are great as gifts. These are personalized name bookmarks for adults but with MockoFun bookmark generator you can design bookmarks for kids also.

Name bookmarks are clever little tools that combine functionality with personalization. They serve the dual purpose of holding your place in a book while also displaying your name or a chosen phrase. So,  these kind of customized bookmarks are not only practical but also uniquely yours.

Try these custom bookmarks with name online, that are adorned with elegant calligraphy, playful fonts, or intricate designs. Add a touch of individuality to your reading experience.

If you print these custom name bookmarks on white background, they are great for coloring activities. Download the personalized name bookmarks as PDF file for print.

Unlock the chapters of your narrative journey with a personalized bookmark made with MockoFun. Our online tool offers you lots of graphic design options including a powerful AI image generator.

Imprint your reading moments with a personalized bookmark decorated with your special photos, marking pages with the essence of your memories. Personalized bookmarks with photos hold a unique charm because they blend the joy of reading with treasured memories.

Edit the personalized bookmark template online and download the PDF for print. Create two sided bookmarks by modifying the design of the second, forth and sixth page. Let your creativity run wild and create amazing designs!

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