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To make a wedding card online is quite easy and fun. Just use MockoFun as a free wedding invitation maker.  We have lots of premium and free wedding invitation templates to choose from. So, if you want to make custom wedding invitations online, you are in the right place!

The online wedding invitation ecards are easy to edit and personalize to your liking. We have plenty of online wedding invitations to choose from.

Online Wedding Invitations

To make a wedding invitation online is quite easy if you have the right tool. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wedding invitation card template from scratch.

Wedding Invitation Template

Then, you can make your own awesome wedding invites online using floral elements and wedding fonts from our gallery. At the end of this tutorial, I added some of our best wedding invitation samples that you can edit online.

We have free online wedding invitations and premium ones. These online wedding invitation templates are easy to personalize. The online wedding invites are also ready for print.


Wedding Invitation

So, let’s start making the floral wedding card template! To make the wedding invitation, you can choose from 800 free fonts available. 

Plus, MockoFun has lots of wedding elements to play with. You can find some of these wedding graphics here: 

  • Elements > PNGs > Nature (here you can find lots of floral ornaments, flower PNG images)
  • Elements > PNGs > Wedding & Valentine
  • Elements > Shapes > Nature (here you can find lots of floral shapes)
  • Elements > Shapes > Wedding & Valentine
  • Elements > Illustrations > Nature (here you can find lots of floral vector images)
  • Elements > Illustrations > Wedding & Valentine
  • Elements > Frames  > Decorations & Ornaments
  • Elements > Frames > Nature (here you can find lots of floral frames)
  • Elements > Dividers
Invitation Shapes

In MockoFun we have lots of invitation shapes to create free online wedding invitation ecards.

You can download the invitation shapes png for print. Here are some of the free invitation shapes templates: ticket shape, bracket shape, scallop shape and round shape.

Add Background Color

For this tutorial we create a wedding card invitation in a Standard Portrait Photo (7×5” or 750 x 1050 px). Go to New menu and choose the Standard Portrait Photo template.

Go to Background > Color and select a light pink tone, this will be the first frame of your invitation.

Background Color

Add the Frame Border

Now we create another frame and border for our text. For this go to Elements > Shapes and search for “Square”. 

Create two squares. You can change the color of each shape at the top menu. Make one a darker tone of red (color #9a6b6b) and the other one white.

Square Shape

In the top menu, go to Properties and change the size of each square. For the first square we set a size of W(px)=700 H(px)=1000 

Center the frame using the canvas setting (position: X=25 Y=25)


Do the same with the white square and the next properties settings. 


Border Frame

TIP: You can also make sure the object is centered to the canvas by pressing SHIFT while moving the object. The guide lines will let you know if its centered.

Add Frame

Add the Diamond Shape Frame

Now we need a nice frame to hold the wedding invitation text and ornaments. 
To add the diamond shape, go to Elements > Shapes and search for “Diamond”. Then, make that diamond shape bigger to better fit your wedding invitation template. Remember to center the figure holding SHIFT.

You can choose another shape for the frame like circle, ellipse, hexagon, rhombus or even a triangle shape. We have lots of background shapes for invitations and also useful shapes for wedding card design.

Diamond Shape

Let’s now add an outline to the diamond shape. Add a Stroke with the same color as our background. Set the size of the stroke to 12.

With MockoFun you can add make outline shapes and, you can also stroke text (read this tutorial for more details).  


Add Stroke

Go to Color option from the top menu and change the Color fill to transparent. This way we are left only with the outline diamond shape.


Outline Shape

Add the Flower Frame

Let’s add some flowers to the wedding invitation template, to create a nice wedding invitation frame!

Go to Elements > PNGs > Nature and search for some flower PNG images of your liking. Add as many as you want to decorate the diamond shape and to create a beautiful flower frame.

The flower border is often used in making wedding invitation card design. Floral ornaments are probably the most used elements in wedding invitations.

Flower PNG

You can rotate each flower PNG by clicking the top node. So, duplicate and rotate the flower images to decorate the top left and bottom right of the diamond frame.

Our online wedding invitation maker allows to use Filters > Hue to change the color tones of the flowers.

Flower Border

Add the Wedding Invitation Text

Now we are missing the most important thing, the wedding invitation text and info! 

Let’s start with the couple´s name. Go to Text > Simple Text > Single line and type the names.


Wedding Invitation Text

Wedding Fonts

At the top menu you can change the font type. I used the Miss Fajardose font, which is a beautiful wedding font.


Wedding Font

In the same way, keep adding all the important information of your event. The other font that I used for the wedding card is the Nunito font. To add the wedding invitation text, combine a handwritten cursive font with a sanserif font.

You can add text dividers (for the date) by simply inserting squares and making them thin and small. Just have fun using different fonts, colors, and sizes.

For writing on wedding invitations, the best fonts are the script fonts, handwritten fonts and of course the signature fonts. So, please take a look at this collection of signature fonts that you can download for free.

Edit this Wedding Invitation Template Online

You can choose the right wedding invitation from our gallery. We have lots of wedding invitation designs. Here are just some of the wedding cards that you can find in the MockoFun’s gallery: 

Wedding Invitations Templates

MockoFun is such a  great online invitation maker. It has lots of free wedding fonts, graphic design elements, floral vector graphics, vector shapes and PNG images to work with. 

Use the MockoFun invitation maker for free and you can make personalized marriage invitations in just a few minutes. The online wedding invitation is easy to edit and personalize. 

Or, choose some of these awesome wedding cards from our gallery. I have listed a few wedding invitations samples that you can try for your special day. Get the free electronic wedding invitations templates.


Beautiful wedding invitation with watercolor floral ornaments.  All the elements like the flowers & text, are in separate layers. You can easily edit the wedding card online with MockoFun.

Edit this Save the Date Card Online


Cute wedding invitation with vector graphics.  All the elements like the heart shape, the ribbon and the text, are in separate layers. You can easily edit this sweet save the date card online with MockoFun.

Edit this Wedding Card Online


Hindu wedding card with vector graphics and elegant fonts.  The design of the Indian wedding invitations has a timeless glamour, luxury and opulence. All the elements like the golden ornaments and the text, are in separate layers. You can easily edit the Indian wedding card online with MockoFun.

Edit this Indian Wedding Card Online


Country wedding card with feminine elements like lace details and elegant fonts.  The design of this country wedding invitation has a romantic and rustic look. All the elements like the lace ornaments and the text, are in separate layers. You can easily edit the rustic wedding card online with MockoFun.

Check out the free country wedding invitation templates.

Edit this Country Wedding Card Online


Floral wedding invitation with photo.  The design of this beautiful wedding invitation has a romantic design with floral ornaments and golden text. All the elements, the flowers, the wedding text, are in separate layers. You can easily edit this floral wedding card online with MockoFun.

If you are a young couple or a couple that has kids, choose a coloring card as your wedding invitation. 

Check out these awesome fonts for coloring – these are perfect for making coloring cards.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to create make a wedding invitation online. With MockoFun you can do all these online. And most of all it’s free and easy to use. So, have fun with MockoFun!



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