20+ Fonts for Coloring

Fonts for Coloring

In this collection I have gathered some awesome fonts for coloring. 

Try these free coloring fonts online with MockoFun. To use the fonts for coloring in  programs like Word or Photoshop, you have to download fonts. Learn how to install fonts on your computer from this quick tutorial..

Make really awesome coloring pages for girls with these fonts for coloring.  Make personalized posters and wall art for teenage girls with their names. Make a personalized birthday gift in just a few minutes..

It’s so easy to create a playful coloring text with MockoFun. Create coloring words for kids activities with these free fonts for coloring. 

Word Coloring Pages Free

Create coloring book covers online with MockoFun 

You can make a coloring book cover design with elements from our gallery. Use doodle graphics, frames and borders combined with coloring text. In the same way you can create personalized notebook covers.

Make coloring book designs for kids or for adults. We have doodle images perfect for any coloring projects.

Coloring Words

Look for “coloring” or “doodle” graphics in our gallery to make educational coloring pages for kindergarten. 

For colouring online, go to Elements > Illustrations and there you have lots of vector graphics. Use the Color option from the top menu to change the color.

TIP: If you want to make a coloring page from photo, use this free line art Photoshop action.

Coloring Book Page for Kids

Desktop Font  is made to be installed on your computer and is ready for use in applications like Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, etc.

The extension for these fonts are:

  • OTF  (OpenType Font)
  • TTF (TrueType Font)
  • PS1 (PostScript Font)
Web Font is a font made to be use in web pages and online applications like MockoFun. It is loaded with CSS @ font-face rule. 
A web font is usually available in four formats:
  • TrueType
  • WOFF
  • EOT
  • SVG’

🐌 800+ FREE Fonts for Coloring [Online Fonts]

What is a coloring font? 

A font for coloring is a hollow font with outline that you can color in. Other types of coloring fonts are the pattern fonts. These are usually doodle fonts with a cute pattern.

So, if you want to make a coloring text or coloring words for school projects for example, use these types of fonts:

  • Outline Fonts & Hollow Fonts
  • 3D Fonts & Shadow Fonts
  • Pattern Fonts & Doodle Fonts

🐌 Make Fonts for Coloring Online with MockoFun

Fonts for Coloring

In MockoFun you have more than 15 coloring fonts that you can use for your coloring & drawing projects. 

There are lots of coloring ideas for kids and the coloring fonts listed below are just perfect! 

You can try fonts online or you can download fonts on your computer.

Did you know that you can use MockoFun to turn any regular font into a font for coloring?

🐌 Create an Outline Font for Coloring in 3 Easy Steps:

Choose any Font you like from the fonts list.  TIP: The bold fonts are usually the best to turn them into a coloring font. 

Set the Color of the font white. TIP: From Color > Texture search the word “coloring” or “doodle” to apply coloring patterns

 Add a black Stroke to make an outline font for coloring.

Any font with a black outline and a coloring pattern will instantly be transformed into a coloring text (see the examples below). 

The font with hearts or the font with stars looks great on a coloring card. It’s so much fun to make colouring letters with doodle patterns.

Get creative, combine different fonts & coloring patterns to make letters to colour in.

Font for Coloring

Next, print the coloring text. Then, add color using markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor, etc. It’s easy to make custom coloring cards for your kids. 

These are fun fonts for teachers to use in school projects especially for kinder garden.  In this list there are lots of teacher fonts free to choose from.

Use edible paint if you have coloring activities for kids. Learn how to create homemade edible finger paint from this tutorial. 

Coloring Words

Coloring Patterns

In MockoFun we have lots of coloring patterns that you can apply to text or shapes. Make a cute pattern font in seconds. 

We also have geometric coloring patterns, heart patterns, star patterns, bubble patterns and other doodle patterns. They are all great for coloring activities for kids and adults alike!

In the image below you can see some of our free coloring patterns. 

Coloring Patterns
The coloring patterns look great on text and also on shapes. Go to Elements > Shapes and choose the shape that you like. We have animal shapes, star shapes, geometric shapes, heart shapes and so on.

The doodle patterns are really beautiful for making free personalized name coloring pages for adults.

If you are a teacher and need some unique fonts for classroom use MockoFun to make fancy letters.

Coloring Patterns

Check out these free fonts for coloring that you can use in MockoFun. 

1. Banner Font by PhotoshopSupply

The Banner Font is a free decorative font that you can use for making coloring pages. It’s such a great font for birthday cards for kids. Even if there are other birthday fonts out there, this is one of my favorite fonts.

This free font is in fact a layered font with three font versions that you can combine. The outline font version is the one I used as font for coloring. All the banner fonts are available for free in MockoFun.

Free Download  | Try Font Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use with attribution)

2. Bungee Shade & Bungee Outline Font

Bungee font is a typeface that celebrates the urban sign. The font was designed by David Jonathan Ross. It is a sans serif bold font that has 13 font versions (font styles). 

For coloring, use the Bungee Shade and the Bungee Outline font. The outline font is really easy to color even by small kids. The shadowed font has a black shadow that you can not color. 

All the fonts can be turned into shaded fonts. All you have to do is to add a Shadow text effect. 

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun text editor (Free for personal and commercial use)

3D Outline Font

3. Ewert

Ewert font is slab serif wood type inspired by and loosely based on the collection of cultural infographic maps by Estonian graphic artist Olev Soans. Ewert has been simplified for screen usage yet still includes the characteristic “ornamental leg” of the letterform. Ewert was designed by Johan Kallas and Mihkel Virkus.

The Ewert font is an outline font, perfect for coloring. You can get really creative coloring text written with this font. And, if you like shadow fonts, you will for sure appreciate this free font.

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

4. Kumar One Outline

Kumar font is a series of matching Open Source display fonts. The two Kumar fonts may be used together, or entirely on their own.

Kumar One Outline font is a vertical-contrast design, in which both the downstrokes as well as the left and right-hand sides of each letterform are built up out of two parallel lines and the whites space in-between them. 

Use the white space of this hallow font and colorize it. Color in fonts online with MockoFun!

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Coloring Font

6. Kids Font by PhotoshopSupply

The Kids font is a commercial font that you can use for FREE only inside the MockoFun tool. The Kids font is a cute color in font that you can use to make coloring name for kids. 

This font is a also great as a kids kook font. With MockoFun you can make an unique coloring book for kids. Use coloring graphics from our gallery and make a nice kids book for coloring.

If you are looking for large coloring letters, these look really awesome! Use a doodle font like one to make posters for kids room.

BUY Font  or Use it Online for FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Fonts for Coloring

Even if it is a commercial font, the Kids Font is exclusively available for free on MockoFun. So if you are looking for cute teacher fonts try the Kids font. We have lots of primary school fonts free for download.

Get Premium User account and upload your own font in MockoFun. 

Check out these awesome colour in font examples from Creative Market.  These are some of my favorite doodle fonts. If you have a premium user account on MockoFun, you can upload font online. 

Colour In Font

7. Miltonian

The Miltonian font has a nice doodle style. So, I had to add this free font to my list of free fonts for coloring.

This colour in font is useful for different coloring projects. It has 2 font styles: a regular font and an outline font version. If you don’t want to print and color the letters, you can color font online. 

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Font for Coloring

With MockoFun is so easy to color fonts online. Basically, any font can be transformed into a  fill in font style by adding a stroke outline. If you need shadow fonts, add a Shadow text style.

Learn how to create stroke text and outline font with MockoFun from this quick tutorial.

8. Londrina Font (Sketch & Outline & Shadow)

The Londrina super family font is composed of 4 family styles: Solid, Shadow, Outline and Sketch. You can combine the main style, Solid, with the others to create different effects.

Londrina font is a casual font, a display font, a handwritten font, a rough font and a sketch font all in one great font family. 

So, if you need a hollow font for coloring, try this free font. It’s truly a perfect fill me with color font.

You can test this font online, add different colors, add font stroke and font outline using the MockoFun text editor

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Font for Coloring

9. MockoFun Graffiti Font (Outline)

The Graffiti font is only available inside the MockoFun graphic design software. The font family has two font styles, regular font and outline font. The Graffiti font looks great and has big size letters, easy to color.  

There are so many outline fonts for coloring and this is for sure one of my favorites. But, there are also other hollow fonts for you to choose, so continue reading!

Use Font Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Fonts for Coloring

10. MockoFun Outlines

MockoFun Outline font is a rounded font with outlines built in. It actually has multiple outlines and nice shadow. The letter body is nice and thin which would place this in the condensed rounded fonts category.

This font doesn’t have a coloring font free download yet, it’s only available inside the MockoFun text editor.

So, make kids designs online using this free kids font. We have lots of coloring book fonts to choose from.

Test Font Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Font for Coloring

11. Simple Rounded

The Simple Rounded font is a cute bubble font with outline. This is one of the few genuine coloring fonts. 

There are fonts for drawing and fonts for coloring. The font design of the Simple Rounded font is truly made for coloring in activities. Make colorable bubble letters that your kids will love.

Create letters for coloring in just a few minutes. Free bubble letter fonts for teachers. Great for school projects because the kids love bubble fonts!

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Fonts for Coloring

12. Stitch Font 🐝 by PhotoshopSupply

The Stitch font is another font that you can use exclusively inside the MockoFun text editor. The stitch font is a nice rounded font with a dashed outline. So, if you need a dashed font for coloring activities for toddlers, use this font. 

I’ve recently made an alphabet coloring pages preschool pdf for one of my projects. Use the MockoFun coloring fonts, to make all sort of creative stuff for kids. 

If you are a mom or a teacher that wants to create alphabet coloring pages, try MockoFun. Inside the tool, you have all the elements you need to create unique learning materials for kids 🐱.

Use Font Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

✏️ Tracing Fonts: Dotted Fonts & Dashed Fonts

Did you know that with MockoFun you can turn any regular font into a tracing font? 

To make tracing fonts in MockoFun, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add a Text from the Text menu on the left
  2. Pick a font that you like from our font list;  I used the Coiny font, which is a playful font and a bold font at the same time.
  3. Set the Color transparent or white
  4. Add a Stroke from the top menu 
  5. Set the Stroke Color: black or gray; Stroke width: 3px; Stroke Settings: 4,2 to make dashed font
Tracing Fonts

The tracing fonts for teachers are perfect for teaching kids to write.  You have the option to make a tracing font with lines by adding notebook paper from Elements gallery


Edit fonts online and make tracing fonts for kids. It’s super easy! 

In MockoFun we have a dotted font for tracing called Raleway Dots. 

The dotted letters are easy to trace, so they’re perfect for learning to write letters. The Raleway dotted font is free for personal and commercial use. 

MockoFun is an useful tool for teachers. It’s one of the online teaching tools free for learning graphic design. Use the free kindergarten fonts to make learning materials for kids.

There are plenty of fonts for school projects. You just have to choose the right one for your activity.

13. Xmas Lights

The Xmas Lights font is a cute font. It’s not necessarily a classic coloring font, but you can use it for that purpose tool.  

You can always combine this playful font with the other outline fonts.  For example for making number coloring pages or letter coloring pages, choose a simple outline font like Londrina

As you can see in all the preview images, all the fonts in this list are colorable fonts. 

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Christmas Lights Font

14. Zit Graffiti Font

The Zit Graffiti Font is another awesome font for coloring. The uppercase letters have this outline border, so for coloring use the capital letters. 

For making the preview image, I also used the Bold option from the top menu. This graffiti font has a well deserved place on my drawing fonts collection.

This playful font  is a must have for making coloring alphabet pages. It’s probably one of my favorite cartoon fonts.  Another cool idea: make graffiti coloring pages names with this font!

Free Download  | Test Font Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

15. Hanalei

The Hanalei Font is a font inspired by the bamboo lettering.  

You can use any of these fonts for coloring to make coloring pages with letters. Use one set of letters or combine different fonts. The cartoon fonts work best for this type of projects.

This font has a regular style version and an outline font style. Only the font with border can be used for making colorable letters.

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

16. 🚀 3D Shadow Font by PhotoshopSupply

The 3D Shadow Font is yet another font that you can use exclusively with the MockoFun text editor.

You get a 3D font, a shadow font and a hollow font, all in one great family font. You know that colorable fonts have to be empty. The empty fonts have only a thin outline or like in this case, an outline and a shadow effect. 

Make your own coloring pages with words with this 3D font. A block font like this looks great for headers and big titles. 

Test Font Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

3D Shadow Font
3D Letters

17. Circle Font by PhotoshopSupply

The circle font is yet another coloring book font that you can download for free. We have lots of printable letters for coloring to choose from. In fact, as I mentioned before, if you add outline, any font can be turned into a coloring font.

Use the circle font for an alphabet coloring book. You can color each circle letter with a different color. Try the MockoFun text on path option (circle text, curved text, spiral text, etc.) to make unique designs.

If you are looking for bubble letters or bubble fonts, this might be the right font for you.

Free Download  | Test Font Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use with attribution)

Coloring Book Font

18. Font with Stars ★ by PhotoshopSupply

Beautiful font with stars, star font symbol ✰⋆✪, star letters, star letter font

Great font for teachers to make abc free coloring pages for their classrooms. The star font is also great as a coloring book font. Make star letters that kids will absolutely love!

This font with stars is one of the fonts that can be colored in so many creative ways. Because I love glitter, I will color the letters and then add glitter stars 

These colouring letters are just great for children! But, at the same time you can use this font to make letter coloring pages for adults too. 

Coloring Font Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

19. Colorable Bubble Letters

These cute coloring bubble letters are designed especially for kids and for coloring pages.  Make printable letters for coloring quick and easy.

Make colorable bubble letters like in the preview image.  You can print each bubble letter individually or, you can write words. 

Coloring Bubble Letters

This bubble writing font is so lovely and cute!  In MockoFun we have a bubble pattern and you can turn any font you like into a  bubble text font just like this one.

Use the bubble letters font for any kids activity that involves coloring. I will use this bubble letters for my next coloring contest!

 Free Download  | Try Font Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

20. Monogram Font

Do you need more letters to color in? The Monogram font is not really a font for coloring. But, you can try it!

For now, the font is only available in MockoFun online text editor. Soon, it will be available for free download! 

With the Monogram font you can not create coloring words. So, it’s not the best choice if you want to make your own coloring pages. It is more appropriate  to be used as a logo font.  

Free Download  | Use it Online with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Monogram Font

21. Dots Font

The Dots font is another cute font exclusive on MockoFun. This halftone font with dots has no outline or border. Even though, it’s easy to color inside. Check out the image below for coloring examples.  

There is no limit to color lettering; you can get really creative! All you have to do is to print the dots font and then color it like this. 

As you see, the outline fonts are not the only fonts for coloring.

Free Download  | Use it Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

Fonts for Coloring

22. Heart Font

The Heart font is a cute love font that you can find exclusive on MockoFun. Use this heart font in any graphic design project that involves romantic feelings of love and affection. 

The heart letters are so easy to color. The kids will love this font, especially the little girls. Combine these heart letters with a heart text symbol or other heart vector graphics from our gallery.

Free Download  | Use it Online FREE with MockoFun (Free for personal and commercial use)

23. Cute Letters

You can also use these cute letters to make coloring words for children book covers, baby clothes, T-shirts, posters and so on. All you have to do is to set the background color of each letter to white.

Buy doodle art name and edit it online.  With a little bit of creativity, with MockoFun you can turn any text into a great looking name art design like these. 

You have the option to color it online or print and color it by hand.

Watch video for more details on how to color online!

How to Draw Letters

How to draw letters in different styles online with MockoFun

First, click on the logo on the top left to switch mode to Doodler. Then, simply draw letters in different styles. Add ornaments, lines, circles to create coloring fonts. 

For better precision, use a graphic tablet with pen.

How to draw letters

Draw on Image Online

We have a new feature that you must try!

Draw on image online with MockoFun and turn your photos into creative and fun artwork. Add hand drawn elements and doodles from our gallery. Be creative and play with different brushes. 

In Conclusion

If you like these wonderful fonts for coloring, share this article with your friends. The fonts are great for creating coloring letters. 

If you like the color activities, join our coloring contest:

The rules are simple: make a coloring design with MockoFun. You must include coloring text or coloring words (use fonts for coloring). Save the design in your gallery and promote it on your social media 
(use the tag #MockoFunColoring).



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