Anaglyph 3D: Create Anaglyph 3D Images Online

With MockoFun’s photo editor it’s easy to make Anaglyph 3D effect & Chromatic aberration (Color fringe) effect using smart filters similar to Photoshop. MockoFun is the best and free Anaglyph generator!

Anaglyph 3D

Anaglyph 3D is the stereoscopic 3D effect achieved by encoding each eye’s image using filters of different colors, typically red and cyan. 

The Anaglyph 3D images contain two differently filtered colored images, one for each eye. The colors that are used for making the Anaglyph effect are usually chromatically opposite. 

Anaglyph 3D

3D Anaglyph Maker

Color fringe

The chromatic aberration is a common optical problem in lenses which occurs when colors are incorrectly refracted by the lens. The result is a mismatch at the focal point where the colors do not combine as they should. 

Usually the chromatic aberration is also known as color fringing, purple fringing or dispersion. 

Anaglyph Images

How to Make Anaglyph?

You can make Anaglyph effect online with MockoFun. Turn your photos into Anaglyph images in just a few simple steps.

Pick an image to start. 

Go to Elements > Photos and search for an image or, Upload your own image.

Add the Anaglyph 3D effect. 

Reduce the Saturation of the image first. Then, go to Filters on the top menu and look for the Anaglyph filter. The slider goes from -1 to 1 but you can input  another setting. I will use 1.5 for this image.

This is one of our many free online filters

 Add glitch texture (optional). 

The Anaglyph and the Glitch effect work well together. 

Go to Elements > Photos and search for a glitch texture. Set the blend mode to Screen. You can also apply the Anaglyph filter to the glitch texture.

Anaglyph Maker

If you want to change the colors of the Anaglyph 3D, you can add a new Hue filter. This only works if you desaturated the initial image. Otherwise it will change the hue of your picture not only the red and cyan colors.

Online Anaglyph Maker

The 3D effect photo is so simple to make online. But, if you need to apply the Anaglyph effect to multiple images, check out this 3D effect Photoshop action. 

How to Make Color Fringe?

You can make Color Fringe or Chromatic Aberration effect online with MockoFun. The chromatic aberration filter is easy to use and you can make really cool photo effects.

Pick an image to start. 

Go to Elements > Photos and search for an image or, Upload your own image.

Add the Color Fringe effect. 

Reduce the Saturation of the image first. Then, go to Filters on the top menu and look for the Color Fringe filter. The slider goes from -1 to 1 but you can input  another setting. 

This is one of our premium online filters.

Color Fringe

The MockoFun’s photo filters are great for non destructive editing. You can add multiple photo filters. You can, at any time, change the settings of the photo filters, move the position of the filters, etc.

Chromatic Aberration Effect

Create a 3D photo effect just like this one in no time. 

As you can see, it’s simple to create 3D effect online. The 3D effect picture is easy to customize. For this 3D picture I used the free online Anaglyph filter with Amount set to 3. 

3D Effect Picture

Create 3D glasses effect online with MockoFun

You can even make Anaglyph text using any font not just an Anaglyph font. MockoFun is such a great VHS font generator.

Anaglyph Text

Combine typography and photos to create 3D images. This kind of 3D photo effects are great for making posters. Or, you can design a Anaglyph logo with a vintage retro look.

Make 3D pictures with MockoFun. It’s free!

Anaglyph Logo

Make image look 3D with MockoFun. It you add a Hue filter after the Anaglyph or the Color Fringe filters, you can change the highlight colors. Make a neon photo effect combining two images with Screen blend mode.

Neon Photo Effect

If you are in search of a 3D photo editing online free, you can try our photo effect generator. There are so many cool photo effects that you can make!

3D Effect

Create an old VHS effect using this free VHS overlay. Go to Elements > Photos and search for the VHS overlay PNG. Then, set the blend mode to Screen. Also, apply the Anaglyph filter to the VHS texture.  

To make the old TV effect, use the Noise filter or the Film Grain filter. Motion Blur is another filter that you can use to blur the image.

VHS Overlay

MockoFun is a free VHS effect generator. The Anaglyph effect looks great for making 3D pictures like these. Create Anaglyph art using your own images, old photos, etc.

3D Pictures

Another cool way to use this online photo filter is to turn your pencil sketch into an Anaglyph drawing.

Anaglyph Drawing

A drawing can be easily turned into a cool looking Anaglyph tattoo. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Anaglyph Tattoo

Online Photo Effects

The Anaglyph 3D filter is free and you can try it right now! 

You can also try these awesome online photo filters for your images! Go premium 👑 and get access to all our free and premium photo filters. You can see some of the picture effects in the preview. 

In Conclusion

Are you looking for photo effects online? Try MockoFun’s photo editor and you can make cool image effects. So, have fun with MockoFun!



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