Wells Fargo Card Design

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Wells Fargo card design for creating a custom credit or debit card design for Wells Fargo bank. There are hundreds of credit card design ideas that you can create with this template.

This credit/debit card template is by default a pink background with cats illustrations, a cat paw on the background and the text “Meow!”.

But, you can easily customize the background color, text, text colors, fonts or even adding or removing graphic design elements. You can also upload photos of yourself and add them on the debit card design template.


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Wells Fargo Credit Card Design

This editable credit/debit card design template works especially for clients of the Wells Fargo bank. But, you can use it for other banks too.

There are many banks that offer their clients the possibility to create custom designs for their credit or debit cards. With this template you can create a simple yet awesome design for your own credit card. Ask your bank if they allow credit card customization then download your personalized credit card design from MockoFun and upload it in your bank’s system.

The design is minimalistic and perfect for cat lovers. You can easily modify the colors, text or add other vector graphic design elements from ELEMENTS > ILLUSTRATIONS.

Before downloading the custom credit card design image as JPG or JPG you need to hide the credit card overlay. Go toย LAYERS and click the “eye” icon next to the layer named “HIDE BEFORE DOWNLOAD”. Then click theย DOWNLOAD button and choose JPG or PNG as the format for the result image.

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