Wedding Newspaper

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💍 Use the wedding newspaper template for the most special even in your life. Print a newspaper to celebrate your wedding or anniversary!

Do you want to print a newspaper to celebrate your wedding or anniversary? Creating a newspaper page for this special even in your life is a great idea.

How to make a wedding newspaper?

Create a personalised wedding newspaper in just a few easy steps online with MockoFun. Edit the text, fonts, colors, add your photo and then print your own wedding newspaper.

This wedding newspaper is editable online. So, it is quite easy to create your own wedding newspaper without any graphic design skills.

You can even create an anniversary newspaper template with a few changes.

The wedding announcement newspaper template has a predefined layout but with a little bit of effort it can be also changed. In the preview images you can see the marriage newspaper examples. Use the photo filters to enhance the wedding photo in terms of contrast, brightness, clarity, sharpness, color effects, etc.

The wedding newspaper template contains information such as a timeline of your day, readings and vows, the menu, introductions to your wedding party, photographs, personal stories and so on. There are lots of wedding newspaper ideas to use in your design process.

The wedding day newspaper has a big title and headline, two text paragraphs, a heart shape where you can add the wedding date and of course a central photo with the bride & groom.

The newspaper template can have a very old-looking to a more modern-styled look. Use the filters and fonts to create the style that you need. The diy wedding newspaper is simple to make. You only need this editable newspaper template and a printer.

Many couples also decide to have a wedding day post newspaper. This is a fake newspaper template that is for you, your friends and your family. This wedding newspaper template is perfect for social media like Instagram.

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