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Vogue cover template that can be used online to create a Vogue magazine cover with your own photo. Simply replace the template photo with your own. Change the text, text size, colors, fonts, etc. This magazine cover template is fully customizable. The best Vogue cover maker free.

Check out our premium Vogue magazine cover template and personalize it easily.

Use this template

Free Vogue cover template that can be edited right here in MockoFun. You can easily change the background photo, text, font, colors etc. You can easily use this item as a Vogue cover template transparent overlay by hiding or deleting the image from the template and downloading the cover as a PNG with transparent background.

You can even use this template to quickly create images for the #VogueChallenge online campaign. Post the cover with your photo and the hashtags #VogueChallenge and #MockoFun

How do I get my face on Vogue magazine cover?

Try replacing the background photo in the Vogue magazine cover template with your own photo and download the result as a JPG, PNG or 300dpi print-ready PDF.

To replace the image in the template simply upload your own photo, go to Layers select the layer named “YOUR IMAGE HERE” and click the Replace button. Go to Uploads and select the newly uploaded photo.

What is the Vogue cover template size?

Just like the real Vogue magazine cover, the size of the template is 8 x 10.875 inches. This is the physical size of the cover when you download and print the 300dpi print-ready PDF.

The Vogue cover generator from MockoFun is easy to use and free. If you are looking for a Vogue magazine cover maker, you are in the right place.

Click Download to get the Vogue magazine PNG for free. Or, instead of the Vogue magazine cover PNG, choose the PDF for print. You can also make a Vogue magazine mockup in just a few easy steps.

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