VHS Overlay PNG

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VHS overlay image that you can edit online with MockoFun.

All the elements of the VHS PNG image are in separate layers so that you can move, rotate, resize, etc.

If you need a VHS transparent image you can use this one. Edit the text, choose another font, size, etc. Create the VHS effect online. Use the Upload button to load your photo. Or, download the VHS overlay transparent as PNG image.

Create retro photo effects with the VHS effect PNG.

VHS transparent images can be used in other graphic design software including the ones that don’t have blending modes.

The vhs tape overlay png is easy to edit and customize. If you hide the black background you get a vhs overlay png transparent. Click on the vhs overlay png download and you get a file that you can use in your projects.

Use a VHS background for creating a retro vintage effect. A record overlay placed on your photos or videos will instantly add a realistic 80s effect.

The record overlay png has all the text layers editable. You can edit the text, move the text, change the fonts and colors.

It’s cool to add a camera recording overlay over footage to appear as if a camera is on and recording. What is great about this camera recording overlay png is that is editable online.

The VHS overlay for edits is useful for all kinds of projects.

Create your own recording overlay transparent in just a few easy steps. The size of the vhs play overlay png can also be customized. Go to the Canvas settings on the bottom of the screen and input the size that you want.

Go to the LAYERS menu and there you have all the elements of the camera recording screen overlay. Hide the black background and the noise effect if you need a vhs play png. You can also change the color of the background to green.

I used the VT323 font for the play overlay. If you want another record font, browse our list of fonts.

The vhs static overlay png includes a noisy vhs glitch transparent. We have other vhs texture overlay images to choose from. So, you can do pretty much everything with this vhs png.

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