Time Magazine Cover Template

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Time magazine cover template download and edit.

TIME cover magazine template online with your own photo on it. Upload your own picture. Click on the image in the template. Then click on the Replace Image button to select your uploaded picture. Change the text, text size, colors, fonts, etc. This magazine cover template is fully customizable.

Download the result as JPG, PNG or 300dpi print-ready PDF. Download the time magazine template png with transparent background.

Use this template

I can easily put my photo on Time magazine cover. This is a fake time magazine cover template. Use the Time magazine generator online!

Free TIME Magazine cover template that can be edited right here in MockoFun. You can easily change the background photo, text, font, colors etc. Use this item as a TIME MAGAZINE cover template transparent overlay by hiding or deleting the image from the template and downloading the cover as a PNG with transparent background.

By default, this magazine cover template says: “Person of the year” but you can double click on the text elements and input your own text. This fake time magazine cover generator is so easy to use.

Add your picture on the cover of TIME magazine with just a few clicks and impress your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media networks. Post the cover with your photo and the hashtags #MockoFun


Use the time person of the year template to make posters for your friends. Create your own time magazine cover and decorate your wall or office with a Time magazine poster.

If you only need a Time magazine blank cover, hide the photo layer and text that you don’t need.  Then, download the time magazine PNG image.

Get this free fake magazine cover template and customize it with your own photo and text. Make a Time Kid of the Year magazine cover for your child. If you are looking for a photo magazine cover maker free, try MockoFun!

You can also check out this Fake Vogue Magazine Cover Generator to make online magazine covers. The Playboy magazine cover template is also available online for download.

The Time magazine person of the year template transparent is available for free download. Use the Time person of the year generator to edit the text. Then, hide the photo layer and download the time magazine cover PNG file.

The editable time magazine template from MockoFun is great if you want to put your photo on time magazine cover. This fake time magazine template allows you to make all the changes that you need. All the elements are in separate layers just like in Photoshop.

The time magazine cover frame can be used in other software programs. Just make sure to download the time magazine frame as PNG with no background. The time magazine border is usually red but you can choose whatever color you want.

The custom time magazine cover is great as poster on your wall, as birthday gift for a friend, as promotional material for your business and so on. Download for free!

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