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This is a free TikTok font generator that anyone can use.

Go to the LAYERS menu on the left and there you have all the elements of the TikTok logo text. Go to Background menu to make the background transparent.

Use this template

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This TikTok font style is full editable. The TikTok text effect has to versions: one for black background and one for white background.  The TikTok logo transparent is available in PNG file format.

The TikTok text png can be used on blogs, forums, social media, videos, etc.

What font is TikTok text?

The font used for the Classic TikTok font is Proxima Nova – Semibold. The Proxima Nova font family is free for personal use ONLY. For this template I used a free TikTok font classic alternative that is available also for commercial use.

The TikTok font generator contains the vector TikTok logo and editable text. The font and the text colors are easy to customize. If you are looking for a TikTok text generator, you are in the right place. The TikTok glitch font has some glitch lines that you can keep or remove (the glitch effects are in separate layers).

What color is TikTok logo?

The TikTok color palette consists of pink, aqua and black. The logo mimics the effect of chromatic aberration to create a glitch effect that is very on-trend.

The TikTok logo text font is based on the letter “d,” stylized as a musical note. Why? Because TikTok was first released under the name “Douyin” in September 2016 by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance. Due to the fact that “Douyin” is translated as “shaking music”, the logo has a tremolo effect’. The trembling of the sound effect is made by using this unusual combination of colors.

So, this is the short story of the TikTok logo symbol text. The TikTok logo emoji is in PNG file format. Download the TikTok png image and use it in your projects.

If you only need a mini TikTok logo, adjut the size and crop the image from the bottom right menu. In this way you can download the TikTok symbol png.

The TikTok logo maker from MockoFun helps you create a TikTok text effect using your name or custom text. Create a custom TikTok logo, a custom TikTok icon or TikTok shirts.



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