Teacher Magazine Cover

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Create a teacher of the year magazine cover in just a few minutes. This teacher magazine cover template is easy to edit and customize online.

To edit the best teacher magazine cover, go to the Layers menu and there you have all the elements. Edit the text, choose a font that you like, pick the color scheme and make a custom magazine covers easily!

If you want to create your own magazine cover, use MockoFun. We have lots of fake magazine covers for some of the most popular magazines like Time, Forbes, Vogue, National Geographic, etc.

How to make fake magazine covers?

Use an online graphic design software like MockoFun to create fake magazine covers with your pictures and messages. You can make your special occasion memorable with personalized magazine covers.

If you bring a personalized magazine gift, people will love it. Choose one of our magazine cover templates. Or, use MockoFun as a photo magazine cover maker free. Use headline fonts to create big titles and subtitles. Add your photo and that’s it!

This printable resource is great for school, classroom, teacher, parents, children and kids alike.

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