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How to Use the Image Posterize Effect to Posterize Image Free

  1. First you have to Upload your photo in MockoFun
  2. Then, go to the LAYERS menu and select all the Image layers
  3. Click on the Replace Object button from the top menu and choose your image.
  4. To customize the result click on the Image layer and go to the Filters menu. The Duotone filter contains the colors of the posterize image effect..

Use this template

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How to Posterize a Photo

To posterize image online, you need to use a posterize software like MockoFun in order to create the posterize effect online free. The posterize Photoshop effect, it’s not free. That is why many people ask how to posterize a photo without Photoshop.

Reduces the photo to three number of posterized colors that you can customize. Simplify image online and adjust the result to your liking. Posterizing photos increases the drama in photos by decreasing the number of colors. In this case you have a number of three main colors plus the white color base. Anyone can simplify picture online with MockoFun.

How to Posterize a Photo Without Photoshop

Posterize photo free online with MockoFun. Our free posterize tool allows you to upload your photo and to add a posterize effect. Posterization or posterisation of an image is the conversion of a continuous gradation of tone to several regions of fewer tones, causing abrupt changes from one tone to another. This was originally done with photographic processes to create posters.

Create a posterized portrait of yourself in just a few easy steps. There are lots of tools that can help you create a posterize effect online. But, MockoFun is probably one of the best.

If you want to make a posterized portrait online use this template. The posterized image is made out of three layers each with a different color that you can easily change.

Posterize Image Online Free

TIP: In MockoFun we have a posterize filter that you can use to create vector images. Go to Properties > Vectorize Layer > Posterized. So, posterize image using one of the two methods available for free. Our posterized image generator online free allows you to edit your photos quick and easy.

Posterize online and create awesome portraits that you can print. If you reduce number of colors in image you can a cool photo effect great for posters. The posterize editor is actually a simplify image generator. Use the Threshold filter and you can create your own photo templates.

Image Posterization Online with MockoFun

To posterize an image in MockoFun you have to use the Threshold effect which is a free photo filter. The posterize photo effect is similar to the vectorized portrait effect. Convert image to 2 colors, convert image to 3 colors and so on. To posterize image black and white, go to the Filters menu and change the color of the Duotone Filter.

If you have premium user account you can use our jpg to vector feature. You can also convert png to vector with our online vector converter. Then, Download the result as SVG vector file.

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