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💥🗯️ Convert photo to comic in just a few easy steps.

Our photo to comic app allows you to turn your photo to comic book art using filters and textures. This photo convert to comic editor has all the elements in separate layers.

So, you can use the comics generator to edit your images and turn photos to comic. Try also the comic book template if you like this style.

Comics is a narrative medium used to express ideas with images that are often combined with text or other visual information. Usually takes the form of a sequence of panels of images. Text elements indicate dialogue, narration, sound effects, or other information. Here are some examples of comics text images used:

  • speech balloons
  • captions
  • onomatopoeia

Create your own amazing comic strips online with MockoFun! You don’t need to install a graphic design software to make comics online. Convert your photo to comic online with our magic photo editor.

It takes you from photo to cartoon in a single click. If you’re looking to cartoon yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Many people like to add photo effects and to convert photos to comic strip. Our photo to comic converter takes your photo and applies filters, textures, speech bubbles and other visual elements.

The photos to comic book converter has lots of layers that you can customize. First, you have to replace the photo with your own:

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Go to the LAYERS menu and click on the Replace image from the top
  3. Go to the Replace object button from the top menu and choose the image that you uploaded
  4. Make customization

The comic book halftone effect is in fact a separate layer that contains a comic halftone background. Change the size of the halftone pattern or the opacity of the comic halftone for obtaining a new look.

Our comic photo editor online has lots of cool features. One of them is a list with lots of comic fonts that you can use for free.

The sunburst background is also in a separate layer.

As you can see to convert photo to comic is quite easy if you take the time to make all the customization for a perfect result. The photo to comic book effect has a old photo texture that you can keep for creating vintage comics.

So, the comic photo editing offered by our comic maker app has all the cool features that you need. Search our templates gallery and you will find a comic book panels to make comic strips online.

If you are looking for a photo comic maker that has photo filters and a powerful text overlay tool, MockoFun is great for you. It’s an online photo comic maker that will help you turn your photos into a comic strip with family, friends, etc.

Convert picture to comic art  and add comic text, speech bubbles, caption and so on.  Turn photo into comic right now!


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