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Free Netflix template that you can edit online with MockoFun text editor online. The Netflix template maker is easy to use and customize. Go to the UPLOAD menu to add your own photo. In the LAYERS menu you have all the elements. Some of the layers are locked so you have to unlock them to resize, move, etc.

Use this template

With MockoFun you can create online templates like this Netflix presentation template. But, you can also create text design online and photo effects.

How to make a Netflix presentation?

Customize this free online Netflix layout template by changing the text, colors, picture, etc. To make a Netflix PowerPoint template download this image as PPT file instead of JPG or PNG.

A Netflix inspired video presentation is great for school projects, for social media promotion of your movie and so on. Please note that this is not a Netflix screenshot. It is fake screen with similar fonts, icons, etc. All the text layers that you see on the screen are editable.

Netflix edit template online with MockoFun. Even if it doesn’t use a Netflix print screen,our tool offers a fake template that looks quite similar.

Netflix Video Template

The Netflix templates are used as static images or animated videos. To use this Netflix home screen template in a video, you have to download the image as PNG with transparent background.

So, go to the LAYERS menu and hide or delete the background image. Then, simply download the Netflix template PNG image.

The Netflix template edit has lots of customization options. So, get this Netflix homepage template free and use your images or videos to make something cool!

Netflix Font Generator

The font used for the Netflix logo is Graphique font designed in 1945. In this Netflix edit overlay we used a similar font called Bebas Neue font. So the Netflix text font is also editable. You can type your custom text.

The Netflix header PNG is useful for all kinds of creative projects. The Netflix overlay for edits like videos on YouTube. Use the Netflix green screen template in After Effects or other video editing programs.

Our free movie poster generator is great for making a custom movie poster design using your own images.


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