Negative Space Logo

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Typography negative space logo template. The template includes 2 negative space logos that you can edit to add your own company name.

Usually negative space in art refers to a technique to create shape using the space around the subject. For this negative space logo maker we have 2 different logos for which the text is the same color as the surrounding background. To make the text logos visible, a rectangle with a contrasting color is used. In this way the text is visible.

If you are looking for negative space logo ideas for your company this template is for you. The minimalistic effect is great for modern companies. The effect created by the negative space logo design looks like alien characters.

How To Use The Negative Space Logo Template

Use this template

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To edit the negative space logo templates simply double click on the text layers and input your own company name. You will also have to go to LAYERS in the left hand side menu and select the rectangle that goes under the text in the logo. Select that and resize it by dragging the corners to fit the text size.

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