Movie Poster Credits Template

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Movie poster credits template that you can use for making your own movie posters. Edit the movie poster credits template with the Mockofun online tool. If you are looking for a movie poster bottom text generator, use the Crop button from the bottom menu.

Try our movie poster credits generator (movie poster credits maker).


🎥 How to make movie poster credits?

Use the movie poster credits template to make your own movie posters. This movie poster credits template can be edited with the Mockofun online tool. The movie poster credits text is fully editable. In the preview you have a fake movie poster credits that you can customize.

You can download the movie poster credits template in these formats:

  • JPG image (with white background)
  • PNG image (with transparent background)
  • PDF (with transparent background) for print

Use this template for posters to give credit to the cast and crew that made the film, as well as the producers, distributor and financier behind it. Movie poster credits are also known as “billing block” or “credit block”.

You can use the movie poster credits online for other movie posters that you like from our gallery. People usually prefer to download the movie poster credits PNG image with transparent background.

If you download the movie poster template PNG, you can use it in other software like InDesign, Photoshop, etc. The movie poster text template is useful for making a movie poster template for students. MockoFun is a great movie poster generator with lots of cool options.

The movie poster credit generator has editable text, fonts, colors and design layout. The movie poster billing block generator contains the name of the movie, the tagline, the director and the cast. Our movie poster text generator allows you to add other details like nominations, awards, etc.

If you decide to use the movie credits template in MockoFun, download the result as PDF file.

Did you know that you can also create a film credits template with our online tool? It’s quite easy and you should try it!

If you want to learn how to make a movie poster online, check out this tutorial.

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