Mars Poster

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Print ready Mars poster with a retro vintage look. The message “Let’s go to MARS” can be replaced with your own text.

Simply open the poster template and download as JPG, PNG or print-ready PDF.

You can download this Mars poster for FREE until Nov 17, 2020.

Looking for a retro poster to hang on your wall? Are you fascinated about space?

This vintage Mars poster is the perfect choice.

The breath-taking design uses a Mars color palette to compliment the “red planet”. The format of the Mars poster is A4. Because all the elements used are vector you can resize the design to any size.

The text saying “Let’s go to MARS” is editable. Change the text, text size, fonts or colors with just a few clicks in MockoFun.

Also, adjust the vintage look from the LAYERS panel by changing the “grunge texture” and “folded texture” layers. Show/hide them as you like. If you have your own Mars poster ideas or designs this simple flat retro poster is a very good place to start.

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