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Mirror photo effect that you can create online with MockoFun.

You can make your own mirroring photo effects online, from the traditional horizontal and vertical flips to the multi-photo mirrors.

Use this template

In photography image mirroring is a process of creating a reversed copy of an image across the either vertical or horizontal axis. It’s easy to flip images online or using other graphic design tools like Photoshop.

To flip photos online, go to Properties on the top menu and set the W (weight) or H (height) with minus the original size.

Mirror flip image in just a few simple steps:

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Go to the Layers menu click on the Image tag.
  3. Then, click on the Replace Object button and choose the uploaded photo

With MockoFun you can flip image online and also resize and rotate. Mirror picture online either vertically or horizontally. All online & for free! Then, use the mirror photo effect free download.

There are other tools for image mirroring online and MockoFun is one of the best. Reverse image effect is fully customizable. To make this cool effect you can use a mirror image Photoshop action or you can mirror image online.

The photo template includes a photo mirroring online on the horizontal axis. To make a mirror effect online on a vertical axis, use the Height from properties.

The best mirror image online free! Flip image to create the mirror effect. Each photo has a rectangle layer mask that has half of the canvas size.

In the preview images you save some examples of the photo mirror effect.

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