Hollywood Star Template

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Hollywood walk of fame template that you can edit and customize online. Wait no more, put your name in a Hollywood star!

The walk of fame star blank template is useful if you want to add your own name on a personalized poster. Hollywood walk of fame star generator is quite easy to use. Anyone can do it. You don’t need graphic design skills.

Go to the Layers menu on the left side of the screen. There you have all the layers. Edit text online, choose any font you like from a list of 800 free online fonts. Create an awesome text design using text styles from the Text menu.

Hollywood walk of fame template that you can edit and customize online. If you are looking for editable posters or personalized posters, use the MockoFun poster generator. It’s probably the best hollywood star generator. Make your own poster in just a few minutes.

This is a personalized name poster that you can easily edit online. A custom name poster like this is a great gift for a friend. Simply download the personalized poster prints in PDF format. The  Hollywood star pdf is also available in JPG or PNG file format. Print the poster template and add a simple black frame.

Our Hollywood walk of fame generator allows you to edit the text and to change the fonts and colors. The elements of this walk of fame poster are in separate layers. You can edit all the text layers, replace the microphone icon with any other icon from our gallery. You can also add your own icon.

If you are looking for a blank Hollywood star template, simply hide all the text. The Hollywood star template is a personalized walk of fame star replica.

Make your own walk of fame poster. Put this personalised walk of fame star on your wall. If  you are a musician, movie director, streamer, influencer and so on, then this poster is great for you.

Wait no more, put your name in a Hollywood star! The printable blank Hollywood star template is in A4 size format.

A personalized Hollywood star plaque looks great in a music recording studio.

The Hollywood star photo looks similar to the original with a black glitter background a glitter star in the center of the poster. You can hide the text if you want. The star of fame personalised template is your for a small price.

The star of fame gift is also great for kids to encourage them to follow their dreams as actors or musicians. The Hollywood star image is an iconic symbol of the American entertainment industry. Download the walk of fame star template from the MockoFun gallery.

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