Heart Shaped Card

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Download this heart shaped card and customize it to your liking. Make personalized hearts or create a name heart in just a few minutes. Go to the Layers menu to see all the editable layers. Edit text online, choose the fonts, the font styles, the text color and so on. Write name on love heart and create a 🌼 text design that will impress your loved one.

To replace the picture, first you have to Upload your own photo. Then, click on the photo, click on the Replace Object button and choose your photo from Upload.

How to make heart card? Download this heart shaped card in PNG format with transparent background. Then, cut the heart shaped card using scissors. Fold the heart shape card in half and that is all!

You can upload your own photo and you can also write name on image using any font you like. Add your name on heart and create cute Valentines Day cards in just a few minutes. This heart shaped card is a great gift for a wedding anniversary or any other event that celebrates love.

Now you know how to make heart shape with paper. The easiest method is to print a heart template and to cut it. The heart shape paper craft is a great activity not only for kids but for grown ups also.

If you go to Elements > Shapes and search the word heart, you will find lots of heart vector shapes for a heart DIY project. Make heart coloring pages using heart shapes from our gallery.

Make your own printable love cards and write name in love style. Create love cards for him or love cards for her. If you are married you can make love cards for wife or love cards for husband.

The template has a placeholder for your photo. If you want to use a different shape for the image you can read more about how to crop picture shape online with MockoFun.

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