Happy First Day of School

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This first day of school clipart free is editable online with MockoFun. What does that mean? You can edit the text, the fonts, the colors and the layout design.

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When is the first day of school?

It is common for schools to start in September.

However, in some countries and even in some schools from USA, the school starts earlier in August or even late July. There are of course exceptions from this rule. For example, the first day of school in Japan falls on either April 7 or 8. School usually ends on March 24, giving the students a one week break between the years.

This image of happy first day of school for teachers is easy to use in your projects. Starting school clipart images are quite useful to illustrate this new chapter of your life. Create a starting school card to share with your colleagues.

By default, this is a first day of school sticker but you can turn it into anything you want. There are many design possibilities. In our Elements gallery with have other school supplies that you can choose.

If you are a teacher and you need a first day of school sign, download this design. In the Layers menu you have all the elements.

The 1st day of school images are usually colorful to attract the children and to remind them that school can also be fun.

Where can you use the 1st day of school clipart?

The 1st day of school is great for teachers blogs, school websites, forums, social media, etc. Create a first day of school coloring page for kids. Or, use the first day of school image for making banners, T-shirts, posters, flyers and other printing materials.

We have other templates that can be turned into a first day of school poster. If you want to change the text. useย first day of school quotes orย first day of school wishes.

But, happy 1st day of school still remains the most popular and recognizable message.

Edit the template and create a happy 1st day of high school for example.

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