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Forum signature that you can edit online with MockoFun. This forum signature generator creates 500x150px, PNG-24 forum signatures. You can also save the forum signature image as JPG.

The custom forum signature maker allows you to change the background image, edit the text, choose the font type and edit the font style. If you go to the Layers menu you can see all the layers. All the elements are in separate layers, so you can move, rotate, replace, change color, etc. Use this forum signature template quick and easy!

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How to make a forum signature? There are lots of forum signature ideas to choose from. It all depends on the type of forum you are on. Forum signatures are a great way to get popular, so it’s important to create a forum sig banner that stands out from the crowd.

You can make a forum signature in Photoshop or you can use our forum signature maker. MockoFun is a free, online and easy to use graphic design software.

How to make a good forum signature?

You might wonder what is the standard forum signature size? Most people like to have a signature image, which lets them promote their own projects and interests. There is no standard forum sig banner size. Each forum has it’s own requirements. A signature for forum can have either 250×100 pixels, 480×60 pixels, 550×125 pixels, etc.

This free forum signature is 500×150 pixels but you can easily change the size. The menu on the bottom has a Settings button. There you can set your own size.

Use our forum signature generator to create your own custom forum signature or tag as well as gamebattles logos, userbars, banners and even gaming logos. Create signature forum images quick and easy!

Choose from a wide variety of free font types. We have lots of cursive fonts and also realistic signature fonts. Make the best forum signatures. In our Elements gallery you will find lots of backgrounds, photos, decorative elements, dividers and other graphics to make your forum signature banner. If If you are looking for a cool nickname for a game or a username for a forum, check out this nickname generator for inspiration.

Create cute forum signatures free in just a few easy steps!

There are lots of forum signature examples on the internet. Most of these forum signature templates include both text and graphics. Usually the forum signature text contain either your name/username or your website/blog.

A forum sig generator like MockoFun is the best tool for creating a forum signature online. Our userbar generator has lots of cool features that I am sure you will like.

If you are a fan of video games, you can also check out this Minecraft font generator to create your own creative text.



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