Fortnite Twitter Header

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Fortnite header template for Twitter. Looking for a Fortnite banner or background for your Twitter account? This gaming banner is the perfect editable template for you. And it’s FREE!

Use this template

Use this free Fortnite header, but you need to provide attribution. Please check out how to provide attribution to MockoFun.

Are you a PRO Fortnite player or just a regular Fortnite player? Create a custom banner for your Twitch or Twitter account. This Fortnite twitter header template banner is 3000x1000px super high quality.

Customize the header by inputting your own Fortnite nickname or the streaming channel name. Also customize the banner background, add your logo or sponsor logos if you are an Esports gaming team. The header includes a perfect clipped girl Fortnite skin or character that can be moved, resized or you can even change the colors.

For the header background, adjust the colors by selecting the lens flare image and changing the filters settings, color, etc.

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