Car Magazine Cover Design

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Car magazine cover design with all the elements editable. Change the text, fonts, colors, car image, etc.

Go to the LAYERS menu and there you have all the details of this car magazine cover.

Put my car on magazine cover template online with MockoFun.

This car magazine cover design is fully editable. Change the text, the fonts, the colors and the car image on the background.

All the elements are in separate layers. That means you can change the car magazine cover layout template quite easily.

You have so many car magazine names to inspire you in your design process.

Here is a top 10 automobile magazines in the world. The car magazine list includes:

  • Road & Track Magazine
  • Top Gear Magazine
  • Octane Magazine
  • Car and Driver Magazine
  • Motor Trend Magazine
  • Autocar Magazine
  • EVO Magazine
  • Autoweek Magazine
  • Automobile Magazine
  • Hot Rod Magazine

First choose a name for your fake magazine cover. It can be auto magazine cover, race magazine cover, bike magazine cover, motor magazine cover, motorcycle magazine cover and the list goes on and on.

Upload your photo and use the Replace Object button to replace the car image with your own. So, the car image is very important.

The title of the car magazine template is equally important. The title font is Righteous Font. But, you can choose another bold font for the headline.

The car magazine cover template is easy to edit and customize. Make your own car magazine covers.

If you are looking for birthday gifts for men, this auto magazine cover template is great.

Use a personalized motor magazine cover for making wall posters for your room. Or, use it to promote your business on social media.

If you are a car lover, this automobile magazine cover is the right choice for you.

A car lover is also called gearhead, greasemonkey, petrolhead, automotive enthusiast, car geek, car guy, motorhead, revhead, car enthusiast.

Create fake magazine covers for your automobile business  or just for fun!

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