Calligram Coffee Cup

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Calligram word art is the art of writing words in the shape of an object. Open this calligram coffee cup template and download it free.

You can also check out our wavy font generator if you want to create text on wavy path. Use any font you like to create this awesome effect.

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The calligram design is made up of multiple curved texts grouped in one group. If you want to edit the text, you have to go to LAYERS and expand the group. Then, double click on the text layer you want to edit and put in your text.

If you need to re-position the text of the calligram, you can select the word calligram design and click the Ungroup button in the menu above. Then, simply drag around the individual text elements.

Using the curved text generator in MockoFun, you can create almost any shape you want. Combine the curved text, circle text, spiral text, heart shape text and create your own calligrams. Another way to make a quick calligram is to use a wiggly text generator. Just input your text and get an instant effect.

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