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A before and after template is useful for displaying your before and after pictures. The before after photo frame allows you to add two photos for comparison.

Go to the Layers menu and edit the before and after template. Choose the photo and click on the Replace object button to add your own images from Uploads.


Use this template

Our before and after template online is fully editable. All the layers of this before and after photo template are in separate layers just like in Photoshop. This means that you can move, resize, delete, change color, edit text, etc.

Click to edit this template directly in your browser. Easily remix and compare two photos side by side and use your own text, images and colors.

The before and after images make sensation on social media. Here are some before after images ideas:

  • A person before and after loosing weight
  • A person before and after gaining weight
  • A person before and after a plastic surgery
  • A person before and after a makeup
  • A woman before being pregnant and after being pregnant
  • A person before and after Photoshop manipulation
  • A person in different stages of his/her life
  • A person before and after drastic changes
  • A place (room, house, garden, town) before and after a transformation, etc.

How to make before and after pictures? First, you need two different photos of the same person, plant, animal, place, etc. Then, you use a side by side collage maker like MockoFun.

Now you know how to do before and after pictures and show them in a creative way.

Create before and after photos online in just a few minutes. If you don’t want to use this free online template, you can create a before after collage with a simpler design.

Use this design as Instagram before and after template. Our before and after generator is free and easy to edit.

If you want to make a before after photo online, you are in the right place. Personalize the before and after picture template.

Create your own before and after template free. The before and after picture maker from MockoFun allows you to edit the colors, fonts, frame, etc.

A side by side picture maker helps you put pictures side by side online. You don’t need complex software or design skills. You online need a before and after picture maker online.

Go to Elements > Frames > Decorations and Ornaments and there you have lots of borders to create a two photo frame design.

How to make a side by side comparison photo? Upload two photos and create a before after template. Make a two photo frame online or a two photo frame PNG that you can use in other apps.

So, go on and try our double photo frame online editor. It’s free!

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