Arrow Logo PNG (3-in-1 Customizable Pack)

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Arrow logo PNG pack containing 3 different arrow logo vector designs that can be customized and downloaded as PNG logos.

This online logo template contains multiple layers with the arrow logo designs. Go to LAYERS and show/hide the arrow logo that you need.

The 3 arrow logo designs are:

  • Arrow Logo 1 – simple pointed yellow arrow logo with orange accents. This arrow logo design is made using 2 arrow text symbols
  • Arrow Logo 2 – up and down arrow logo made up of 2 different text symbols with gradient colors applied
  • Arrow Logo 3 – beautiful geometric arrow logo design or modern arrow logo for companies


This Arrow Logo PNG pack allows you to easily create an arrow logo brand for your company or business. The arrow symbol signifies strength, growth, advancement and agility.

To customize the arrow logos, first you will have to show the logo you want. Then hide the other arrow logos. Select and change the arrow logo colors, the size and placement. Match the logo colors to the colors of your brand or company.

For Arrow Logo 2 please note that the up arrow symbol and the down arrow symbol are grouped into one group, so you cannot change the colors directly. If you want to change the colors, first ungroup the two arrows, then change the colors individually.

This is an arrow logo vector pack, all the arrow logos are vectors. Resize the logos at any size you need without loosing resolution. You can also change the size of the canvas if you need a large image format. To resize the canvas, click the cogwheel button on the bottom right and input the size of the final document you need.

When making changes, it’s a good idea to save. Click the SAVE button on the left hand side. You can later find your saved version underย TEMPLATES > MY TEMPLATES.

To download your arrow logo, simply click theย DOWNLOAD button on the left hand side and choose JPG, PNG or PDF. If you need an arrow logo with transparent background then you should choose PNG as the download format.

Because this is a commercial template, once you purchased it you can use any of the arrow logo PNG images for personal and commercial use without the need of providing attribution.

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