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MockoFun Vector Art Illustration Contest

Unleash Your Creativity:

Make a Vector Design with MockoFun! 

Use Only Geometric Shapes from ELEMENTS > SHAPES > GEOMETRIC category. See more details and all the contest rules below.

🎥 Watch Video:

Watch the video to see the vector character design made using only geometric shapes in MockoFun.

Contest #1​ Ends In:

How to Participate in the MockoFun
Vector Illustration Contest:

Create your vector design in MockoFun 

To create the design, you have to use ONLY vector shapes from this section:  ELEMENTS > SHAPES > GEOMETRIC (no raster, no vectors from other categories, no masks; stroke settings are allowed; shape skewing is allowed)

Examples: people/avatars, robots, animals, vehicles, landscapes, etc.

Save your design in your templates gallery

Download your design as a JPG image

Submit your entry to the contest

Join Our Digital Art Contest Now:
WIN 💰$$$ & Other Prizes!

If you are looking for free digital art contests or art competitions for students, this contest is perefect for you!

MockoFun is the place where you can find free art contests with cash prizes 💸

The MockoFun free online art competitions are available for all our users. 

NO Entry Fee Required

☀What Can You Win?

Contest Prize

1st Place

Win $50 and a 1 year Premium User Subscription

Contest Prize

2nd Place

Win $10 and a 1 year Premium User Subscription

Contest Prize

3rd Place

Win 6 months Premium User Subscription and a 10$ discount coupon

Submit Your Entries:

Submit Your Entry For MockoFun Contest #1

Contest #1 is in the submission phase. You can submit your entries until Sep 30th, 2021

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MockoFun Contest #1 Winners:

Aug 1st, 2021 – Contest #1 has started, you may now submit your entries

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